Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wrapping Up the Week

It's been quite a week with all the robbers and fence breakers and fence fixers. Seem like it happened a long time ago.

Nothing much else notable except this awful heat that just saps your energy as soon as you step outside. I'm working in the early morning and evening, so the times I'm off, it's impossible to get outside.

Mama and I drove to Andalusia Friday and took barbecue to Roy's from Georgiana. I can't remember the name of the little place, but the sign says "Howlin' Good." Not sure about that, but it was pretty good, along with the potato salad, baked beans, and corn nuggets. Nice lunch with Roy. Mama left to go visit friends after lunch. This was the first time she has driven since before she fell last October. I asked her if she remembered how, and she said she thought it would come back to her. Obviously it did. I figured she would be back, tired and aching, in an hour, but she went from one place to the other, visiting friends and talking and talking, I think spending an hour or more at each place. I ended up piecing some of my triangles while I waited and worried about Darby being inside for 10 hours. We got home around 6:30, and she was fine. The cats, however, had gotten left in the main part of the house away from their food, litter box, and main water (the other source being the toilets). There were a couple of grumpy gray cat faces looking at me through the French doors when I got home.

I got a chance to work overtime this weekend on my favorite hospital, so it was very nice - still working, but I'm pulling off the earphones because of the lightning. YES! Thunder and lightning and actual rain. I wasn't even expecting it, so this is a wonderful surprise. It's really pouring.

This is in the hoping stage when the weather map looked like it was going to pass just south of us.

Then real rain drops - and shrubs that needs trimming. The hedgehog and geranium enjoying some moisture.
Serious rain now. Too serious. Just as I took the last picture, my camera flashed and the lightning flashed at the same time. The thunder was immediate and deafening and sent me scurrying back inside where I intend to stay. The power just went off and on too, so I'm having to retype everything.
Here's Mama making some green tea to celebrate the rain. The temperature in the house has fallen below 80, so that's the reason for the jacket. She just confessed that when she opened the microwave to put in her cup of water, she found her jar of instant coffee sitting there. She said she was glad I didn't find it first, and I told her I would probably have thought I did it. It's pretty common around here. I finally took time last night to clean off my sewing room/sunroom table. I made a vow last winter to clean it up, but with the wedding and other things, I've been digging out places to cut and measure, and it was so crowded I was not having a good time. This was in February.
So I spent an hour and dumped everything into plastic boxes and reclaimed order. It won't last long. Pretty soon I'll be digging around in those boxes and pulling things out to clutter it up again, but I'm enjoying it for now.
Sherry has done the quilting on a quilt that's going to be in a magazine. (She's not one of the ones in this picture.) I've asked her for some close-ups so we can see her work. It's pretty exciting to have your quilt chosen to be featured in a magazine. I imagine I'll have to wait until next year for one of mine to make it.

So June is practically over. I hate to rush things this late in life, but I'm ready for the end of August.


  1. Glad you are getting some good thunderstorms. My husband always says it's good sleeping weather (he's a south Alabama boy--could you guess?!)
    I had a boyfriend a looooong time ago that lived in Georgiana. His granddaddy owned the local gun shop--can't remember the name but you may know him. Funny to think of that little town now!

  2. Hmmm. Sleep. I wish. It would suit me for it to rain every night just as I'm going to bed - and any other time too.

    Georgiana is just a little town we go through from I-65 to Andalusia. I've never known anyone from there and never really went there before the interstate was built. Sure didn't know they had a gun shop. Wonder if it's still there. I thought you would have been to the Hank Williams museum!