Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wedding Week: Middle

On Wednesday, I needed to come back to Montgomery to take Mama to the beauty shop and gets some loose ends taken care of. I got up really early to beat the traffic and had a good trip. I can't remember all the things I did that day, but I didn't stop until I was back in the car going back that afternoon. When I took Mama to the beauty shop, I went next door for a pedicure and semi-manicure. That's 2 in 1 month now. I could get used to all that attention to my aching feet and could have used the hot towels and massage Saturday night after the wedding.

I managed to take something back to the mall and get a few other small things. Then I went to Costco for shower food. I found precut slices of cheese - 4 types - and yummy-looking cheesecake - also 4 types, and stuck them in an ice chest for the trip back. I packed up a few more things,cleaned up around the house a little, and then took Darby to the vet. By then, I was ready for the trip back and managed to get back before dark.

Mike and Elise had arrived while I was gone as well as Millie and Allen. And surprisingly, Ryan's brother Shane and his family had gotten there the day before. Some of us met in the breakfast area Thursday morning and got all the introductions and re-meetings done.

That afternoon was the shower, and we had a hard time figuring out who was going to drive. Emily had already stressed me earlier when she had me meet her at Lenox to take the shower food I had plus picking up some fruit. She knows better than to try to talk me into finding her or finding a place to meet. Thank goodness for cell phones, or I'd probably still be circling around on Peachtree. We did get it taken care of, and she managed to give me good directions to Ida Beth's house where the shower was.

Since my car was full of everything under the sun, we decided to take Paula and Shane's van but with Mike driving. We won't mention the state of my nerves at that point at all, just that he got us there. Karen and her mother had set up the food and drinks and a pretty table on the deck, and we had a great time. More introductions. Besides Elise and me, Ryan's mother, sister, and sister-in-law (Millie, Lisa, and Paula), and, of course, Ida Beth and Karen, Emily's friends Natalie and Meghan were there. Lots of laughing and eating and opening of very nice gifts. For such a rushed little event, it worked out well, and we had a good time. Mike came out very well, being able to sit alone and work crossword puzzles and eat. He was also the photographer for awhile and then drove us back. The trip home was a little easier.

Ida Beth's pretty blue and white kitchen - and red. She gave Emily a tablecloth and napkins like this too that I might have to hide and keep. I believe she made them, but I'll have to find out for sure. No one will ever have to question whether or not I made something myself! One of the hostesses, Ida Beth, on her fabulous deck. And Elise. The other hostess, Emily's dear and long-suffering friend Karen who has been there for nearly every decision during this wedding - comforting, supporting, prodding, laughing - whatever it took to make it happen. Two plates that Emily and Ryan's sweet nieces, Becca and Liz, made - one representing Alabama and one representing Hawaii (made when they thought that's where the wedding was going to be).
Sisters and friends: Back: Meghan, Emily, Natalie, and Paula. Front: Lisa, Karen, Elise

Ryan's mother Millie and sister-in-law Paula.
Well, I was there too, and Elise shared a chair with me.

More pretty girls. Beautiful afternoon and a fun time.


  1. Today I discovered an "evite" from Karen in my spam queue. I am sorry I didn't respond but I didn't know about the invitation until today. Looks like you girls had a good time.

  2. That's fine. It was quite "informal" and last minute. Wish you could have been there. It WAS fun.