Monday, June 1, 2009

They're Married!

It was a long and tiring week on one hand, and it went very, very fast on the other. I think it started off slowly and then as the deadline for having everything ready came, time just flew until all of a sudden there we were sitting and waiting for the wedding to begin. There were hundreds and hundreds of pictures taken, and how I'll ever sort through and organize them, I don't know. I have no pictures of the actual wedding, but I'm already receiving some. I know the wonderful photographers will have the best ones, but just for the sake of a picture, here is my favorite (so far) from the ones Kathy sent.
She had trusted the florist to make the bouquet after seeing the dress (which is supposed to be wrinkled-looking and crinkly), and she couldn't have been happier with it. She said she felt self-conscious about carrying a "bouquet" but when she saw this one, it made her feel good. The whole thing was exactly what they wanted, and even the few glitches, which are inevitable, were minor. I think the sign they were looking for was that they didn't want to leave at 10:00- or 10:30, and obviously neither did most of the guests. If the band had stayed, we might still be there.

I'm physically and mentally wiped out today, but I'll gradually get this wonderful week recorded, starting with my moving to my home-away-from-home last Monday. I do have some pictures of that for another day. One of the best things about the week was having Ryan's family staying at the same place and sitting out in the courtyard in the early morning and by the pool at night getting to know each other better and watching all the children swim. Now I have to work, seriously work, since weddings are not free.


  1. Alan actually took all the pictures made on our camera. He did get a few good ones. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting. Now just try to relax for a few days.

  2. I should have known the photographer was Alan from the look Ryan is giving him. Things are getting back to normal slowly - still kind of stiff and tired. But it was all worth it.

  3. Congratulations!!! Looks like things were beautiful--especially the bride. I can't wait to see all the wedding pics.

  4. I live the wedding picture and can't wait to see more. So glad that everything went so smoothly.
    Talk to you later.

  5. I meant I LOVE the wedding photo--duh!!!!

  6. Thanks Lydia. And Sherry - Must be RV-lag. When are you coming home? There will unfortunately be more pictures than you all can stand in the next few weeks!