Thursday, June 18, 2009

Quick Catch Up

Nothing really new to mention, just spinning my wheels, as usual, and getting nothing done.

It's been nice to talk to Emily before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. since she imposed a phone diet on herself after quite a large phone bill in May. So I get the 6:30 call: "What shall I eat for breakfast, cereal or toast." "What kind of cereal?" "Honey-Nut Cheerios." "Then toast." You know, really important things, like guava jelly and habanero peppers, how much they ADORE their new toaster oven Grandmama Ray gave them, while I'm doing my morning things like bringing in the paper and feeding the animals and wondering if she's done thank-you notes. I made her promise to do the same thing in Washington - YES - after they move so far away - call me with mundane questions on her way to work. It's really not so bad with email, cell phones, and instant mEssaging (yes, I caught that!). Mike and I carried on a 30-minute IM conversation this afternoon, and he likes to say he knows nothing about computers - or used to. I think the Blackberry changed his life. He pretty much spends his time bragging about how much faster he can type than me. Of course, with him, correct spelling is optional.

Elise is taming her neighborhood wild kittens (cute) and looking for a job in Lubbock while I make a little progress on her quilt. I'm on top of things now. I'm organized.

There's nothing like a new set of Sterlite plastic containers to lift my spirits. I'm a sucker for organizers, and when I was in Wal-Mart with Mama for our weekly after-beauty-shop "treat," I treated myself to these. Before, I was just wandering into the sunroom with a piece of fabric and cutting a triangle and then getting distracted and losing it between the cutting table and the ironing board. Now I've moved a little table near my computer and put the cutting mat and rotary cutter on it with a basket of scraps underneath. Now, when I want to take a 5-minute break, I'll cut a few triangles and put them in their proper homes - one for darks, one for lights, and one for sewed together ones - my favorite. More about Emily's new job. I may have to let her tell the details, but it is called Pinnacle Physical Therapy. There are 2 clinics now, one in Maple Valley and one in Covington - Washington. She'll be working in Maple Valley, and they're opening a third one soon. She's excited about the owner and the other girls working there; seems they had instant rapport, and she's very comfortable and secure in her decision - especially after she just received a bouquet of flowers from them welcoming her to the team. The area is about 30 minutes from Seattle, and there are just tons of exciting things to do and see and beautiful scenery. I can't wait to visit. I think I might could fly. We'll see. Mike suggested I take a snake boat around the tip of South America to avoid flying, but I might not could get that kind of time off. And then there's that word. I don't know what it means, but it might be enough to get me on a plane.

Anyway, we're all thrilled for Emily and Ryan to get this chance for a new adventure and not even thinking about her living totally on the opposite end of the country from me.

Speaking of work, since I'm going to go be at the quilt show Saturday, I better get all my work done today and tomorrow.


  1. I KNEW we were meant to be friends! I received the most fabulous art bin as part of a swap and I thought I was going to melt right then and there! I'm not always organized, but when I am, it makes me sooo happy---only if I have the proper organizational tools, of course!
    I'll strike you a deal. Drive to ATL and I will fly with you to WA if you will stop in KS with me on the way back! Traveling is always more fun with a friend, right??!!

  2. Sounds good. I'll be drugged, so you can keep me sitting upright and not falling over. You have a real Art Bin!?? I'm so envious.

  3. I think is creative people thing!! Because my gandpa build a table just for that; He was an awesome carpenter, so handy (I miss him so much), and I got like 4 tool cases for all my bijuterie things and my design crayons, scisors, glue and all that tiny things that I´m always collecting because someday I could use them hahaha.
    love Gaby

  4. You're lucky, Gaby, to have something that useful and something to remember your grandpa too. How can we throw any one tiny thing that we might use when we are feeling creative? My problem is finding which organizer I've organized them into!