Friday, June 5, 2009

More Decorating

First are some pictures taken a couple of months ago when the backyard project first started. What a difference those months make. This is a yard - a garden really - that makes you never want to go inside. Every time I walk through it I find something I haven't seen before.

The Beginning

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Front

More Saturday morning sprucing up. Nothing like calming your wedding day jitters by stringing origami birds on fishing line.
Tomorrow some actual wedding pictures.

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  1. that was the WORST - i can MAYBE sit for 5 minutes with tangled yarn before i just cut it, but fishing line? agh.

    my favorite was when i dropped the whole tangle of them in the yard and went to go borrow some patience from someone, and meghan's dad, Dr. Bill, told me he thought the dogs had gotten into them. i ran up to the front thinking i'd see them in shreds, and the birds-on-a-line pile was sitting just as i'd left it. but it DID look like something a dog might've done. until david and ross and others came and magically swooped it away and made it really beautiful.