Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Beauty and Other Living Creatures

Taking a break from wedding talk (and waiting to see if I get any new pictures this weekend), I took my camera to the back yard last evening and this morning and enjoyed the animals enjoying my being outside and admiring the new flowers.Verbena is so much prettier close-up.
This looks suspiciously like a lantana. I thought it was a weed growing out from under Darby's doghouse - and it may be - but it's pretty. Barbie bouquet, as Emily says.One of the morning glory blooms from the seeds I started a while ago. They're just about to start climbing, and there were so many of them, I stuck them everywhere.A fluffy zinnia, again grown from seed.The white cosmos. They're 3 feet high now and at their prettiest in the late afternoon.

The dogs were happy and crazy, running around wildly. I still laugh at Darby's new coiffure.

PLEASE don't poke fun. It's hard enough saving face with the cats and Griffin.

This was made just minutes after a great drama unfolded. Stella Gray Kitty was minding her own business ambling across the yard when Jack came from nowhere and stared chasing her. He has no claws and Stella does, but she thinks he's a big mean cat and immediately curled up into ball and started rolling and yowling. When Griffin heard it, he joined in and chased Jack, and they rolled around a little. Stella ended up on top of the fence for a bit, but they seem to have made up.
Jack didn't really want to pose with a flower, being so manly and all, but I promised him a little bit of the Fancy Feast from the bag he ate his way into last night.
And Stella, well, Stella just wants to get along. I almost forgot to add Maddy and her new sleeping place. It's just made for her.
Truly, wedding pictures to come this afternoon.

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