Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Moving to Ireland

Retirement question solved.

After a s---- story or a sighting by someone, I'm always more observant for a while, watching where I'm walking, not going near hiding places, etc., but this morning it was the seemingly innocent little Montgomery Advertiser. Don't click on this link if you share my phobia. I had to test it to see if it worked, and believe me, it wasn't a nice thing. I don't usually read the newspaper but in my sleepy state (although still scanning the sidewalk for any unwanted visitors), I happened to glance at the picture under the plastic wrap and saw the words (and of course the pictures) "slithering, scaly houseguests." Why? The day was off to a pretty good start, at least the 10 minutes I had been awake, and now that awful subject is back on my mind.

I have my 5-hour break starting right now, and I hope to use it wisely, but I probably won't. I'm going to try to get in a little triangle cutting for Elise's quilt.

Looks like I need to get a little more adventurous with my light colors - something besides off-white and beige. I have a lot of brights already but I worry about not having enough contrast between light and dark and go for a sure thing. That cute little plastic triangle is such a neat thing. I bought it yesterday before I knew I was changing patterns. It's for a 4-1/2 inch triangle, and I was unhappy about having the wrong size, but then I noticed that you can just slide it down on your fabric and make a 3-1/2 inch one. And it's thick enough so you can use a rotary cutter to cut them.

So 4-1/2 inches

And 3-1/2 inches I'm easily pleased.

Emily just called and asked if she could come spend the night here Wednesday night on her way to Atlanta (as if she needed to ask), and I told her I would try to change my working hours to be off while she's here. She said, "Well, I wanted to write my thank-you notes, and you know I don't get anything done when you're around." So I'll take that to be a compliment, like my being a vibrant person to be around and us having a lot of fun, as opposed to the way she really meant it, as in "when I'm around you, I become scatterbrained like you and get nothing done."

Emily's graduation came and went so fast and kind of took a back seat to the wedding. These pictures just came today, and here's one last chance to remember that exciting day.
She has three job offers as of today, and she and Ryan have been weighing the pros and cons and trying to make the best decision about which one to take. I think before the day is over, it will be decided. (I think I know which one it'll be.)


  1. Some of us are anxiously awaiting Emily's decision about the job. We left Roy's around 9 pm and he had not hear any news. He thinks he knows also.
    Later, Kathy

  2. I just tried to call her. I was going to blame it on you if it was too late. But no answer. Maybe they're out celebrating!