Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is Lydia's birthday. Happy Birthday!

We've never met but have become "bloggy" friends. I'm more than twice as old as she is, but we have so much in common - or did. Until she got so smart and ran away with her sewing and projects and things. She actually finishes things where I just talk about doing them. Maybe we'll meet one day soon.

Emily and Ryan have made a decision on her job, and we're all happy (a little sad) about it. I'll write more when I know what I'm talking about, but we'll just say it's going to involve a moving truck and my having to get used to them being in another time zone. This family of 5 (now 7) will soon be spread across the country in 4 states. Someone needs to learn to like to fly.


  1. What a precious bloggy friend for Lydia!
    I promise, you will learn to like to fly when your child is at the end of the flight!
    Can't wait to meet you.

  2. I forgot to sign the post...(Jacob's Mimi and the birthday girl's mom, Melissa)

  3. Hi, Melissa. I guess you do know that! I think you're absolutely right. With all of our traveling every which way, we're bound to meet somewhere! Looking forward to it.

  4. Wow! Thanks for the sweet comments. I appreciate it so very much!!