Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is what I'm guilty about:

That Bob, my nice back-fence neighbor labored in the heat and humidity this morning to do this.

What is he guilty about? That "his" burglars knocked down my fence.

The better scenario would have been for those 3 teenagers to be doing it. Except they're a little inconvenienced right now, and Darby needs her enclosure immediately.

She's looking longingly at the freedom a broken fence offers, but since she has the propensity to run down the street being obnoxious to the whole neighborhood, she has to be tied to a tree like the bad dog she is. She really doesn't mind her status right now - sleeping in the cool sunroom all day long. I know she misses flushing the birds out of the trees every morning and chasing lizards, but this is not a bad life.

On the picture above, Bob noticed that he had not trimmed his Carolina jasmine this year and that it was hanging over on my side. I took advantage of more guilt and talked him into not trimming it and just letting me pretend it was mine. Funny, I didn't really have to beg long.

My one and only white crepe myrtle.
It's good to get another week of work mostly behind me. I guess I'll be traveling south in the next couple of days - Andalusia for sure, probably Friday, and then I'm awaiting orders on whether Emily and Ryan need me to help with packing. I've had LOTS of experience the past 10 years and know where to find the best boxes and how to make a good master list and label things where you can find them later. Except that I went into Books-A-Million today specifically to ask for boxes and came out with a couple of things but forgot to ask about the boxes. Pet Smart is another good place for boxes if you catch them at the right time. Elise and I did our share of dumpster diving when we moved from Columbus. It was like a treasure hunt to drive behind the bigger stores right after they had thrown out their boxes. Small pleasures.


  1. My mom might need to hire a pro like you to help with their move! ha! They have a contract on the house...fingers crossed all goes well!!

  2. What a nice neighbor!! I´m surprised!!
    Nobody do such things on this days; but please think seriously on the catuses and the rosebud ok?

  3. Selling a house is a reason for celebration for sure, Lydia. Congratulations, Melissa. What a relief!

    And Gaby, you're right about this act of kindness. I think it's not that most people aren't good; it's just that we're too busy and wrapped up in our own lives to look around and see what we can do to help. Maybe I can find a way to pass this on.

  4. Becky, this is a voice from your past....Linda and Harry Crews. I was reading the Class of '66 blog and your brother had put your blog address on here I am! Every class reunion we have we love for the two of you to show up. It is such a joy to see that you are quilting and still crocheting. Do yur remember the little pink sweater you crocheted for our daughter Angie, when she was first born in 1970? I kept it all these years and our first granddaughter, Summer, (who is now 17 years old!) wore it and then our second graddaughter, Hanna, (now 7 years old) has also worn it. Angie now has that 39 year old sweater in her keepsakes box!

    We've lived in Melbourne, Fl for 24 years - since Harry retired from the Air Force. We both just recently retired and plan to do some traveling. We leave for an Alaskan cruise next Tuesday - I am so excited!!!

    Our email address is Let us hear from you sometime.