Sunday, June 14, 2009

Crepe Myrtles and Quilting

After an uneventful week, the only thing I have to talk about is crepe myrtles and not much to say about them. I have noticed through the years that these trees bloom in the spring and summer but you never know exactly when. Some have been blooming in our neighborhood for weeks now, mainly the white ones, and I'm always afraid mine are going to fail me. I just counted, and I have 14 trees in this little yard. I didn't realize that. There are the 2 huge ones, one at the back door and one on the front corner, then 3 sets in the back corners of the fences, 3 hidden on the side I never see, and 3 along the side yard that I do see - my favorites. The back yard ones bloom first for some reason. I don't see how these little fellows live because the drainage is so bad they sit in water and dampness most of the time.

They are all watermelon-colored, my favorite , and I just noticed the big one by the back door is starting to bloom at the top.
I wrote last winter about how I had desecrated my favorite little tree that I see from the kitchen window, but while it's not blooming yet, it looks pretty healthy.
That's all the interest I can generate for crepe myrtles right now, but I will certainly enjoy them this summer - 14 - I didn't realize there were that many.

I've been able to catch up on work this week with no disruptions, and it's a good thing since we're being asked to work overtime. I usually don't have enough energy for that, but it's good to get a few hours extra money (to spend at the quilt show Saturday). Sherry has to work, but I will meet Joanie and Wilford, hopefully with no problem, and have a good day of admiring some extraordinary beauty and probably feeling very inferior, at least in terms of quilting talent and productivity. Elise and I have decided not to do the Jacob's Ladder quilt but another scrappy one called the Depression block. Sounds delightful, but it is pretty and has just one pattern, a half-square triangle. It's the placement of light and dark and the use of vivid colors that give it its beauty. It just makes us happy, and I can use mostly fabric I already have, not that I won't find just the perfect complements Saturday to bring home.
Nothing else memorable about this week, except Mama and I did get caught in a storm yesterday morning at Hancock Fabrics. The weather wasn't too threatening when we left, but it soon started getting dark, and the storm started just as we were leaving. She had her walker with her, so I took off my shoes, ran to the car and brought the car up to the door. Then I had to fold the walker and put it in the back and hold the umbrella for her to get in. I kind of enjoyed it.

I'm glad for the rain and glad to have a little time to enjoy doing some things I like to do.

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