Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to the Present

Taking a break from the wedding festivities and chaos, this is what's happening around the house this week.

I took Darby to the vet to be boarded last Wednesday and picked her up Monday. I wanted her "groomed," which meant plowing through that thick coat that had gotten matted and tangled lately and cutting her toenails and trimming feet and ears. The groomer called me and mentioned shaving or clipping her for the summer. I was a little reluctant because of not knowing how it would look but tempted because of the heat, so I told her to go ahead. I have to admit I was a little nervous when I picked her up. The waiting room was full, and I was afraid we would both be embarrassed, but when she was brought her out, she was the cutest little black dog, not the big mop I had taken in. Except for the tail. I'm not sure they knew what to do with that, and it's a little riduculous, but Darby doesn't seem to mind. I think she believes she can run faster now with her sleek little body.

Life is wild with the 2 cats and dog who live here plus Emily and Ryan's Griff and Jack. Jack is no trouble except for thinking every food dish that is filled is for him. He lies in the garage behind boxes until he hears the food, and then he saunters out and lies in front of all the bowls, daring anyone else to eat. I can't find him now to take a picture, but here are some cute pictures of Griffin.

Some pictures of the plant explosion in just the 4 days I was gone. The althea is in full bloom as well as the white and purple cosmos and the lilies brought from South Dakota. The little pot is red verbena and white milliion bells (there's another name, but I'm not sure what it is.)

Time to get back to work. The first day back, I just felt overwhelmed about all the things that came out of my car. Today went better, and I have almost everything in its place. Tomorrow is cleaning, and Thursday I go to Birmingham to pick up Mama and bring her home.

I'll get some pictures of the shower up tomorrow also.

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