Thursday, June 25, 2009


I now have a fence.

From this

To this

Builder Bob - who had rather be diving or drumming (is that the term for playing drums?) -spent another sweltering afternoon working on this fence.

It didn't happen without a little more arguing. I insisted he was not going to do this without my paying him, and he was just as insistent that he was. I told him it would make me miserable not to pay for it, and he pretty much said he didn't care about my state of mind. He also "lost" the receipt for the lumber. I gave him a check but was embarrassed about how small it was in relation to what he did for me. Not just the building - that was more than enough - but keeping me from the hassle of finding a fence repair person and wondering if I could trust them and for making me realize that there are good people around, right over my fence.

Now what can I do to pay him back? I mentioned yesterday about passing the good deed along, but so far the only thing I could pass along today was a dollar. I was waiting for Mama on a bench at Wal-Mart trying to get on a conference call for work, and this young girl asked me if I had some change for her to make a phone call. I didn't, as usual, but I gave her a dollar. I think I'm a loooong way away from meeting my goal.

This just gives me a happy feeling. I hope Bob has a chance to get something cold to drink and put his feet up tonight.

Darby's happy now too, plotting her next escape.


  1. I got an suggestion for you: If you buy or make him a cake? or some cookies? maybe a nice home made jam? It coud be work. The people enjoy when you gift something made by your own hands, it makes some ordinary on special.

    Love GG

  2. ME?? Maybe Mike will make a cake and send it. Good idea though, Gaby, although I'm not sure a gift of my cooking would be welcome.

  3. Gaby, Gaby, Gaby. Dear Gaby. Estimado Gaby. If Becky tried to cook for this nice person, it would probably be a soup made from quilting and knitting pieces. And would poison him. The only way to do this is for you or me to cook him something and mail it to him.
    Ing. el gran tigre

  4. Gran tiger - do not forget how much you loved creamy beef bake once. I never let you starve until you learned to cook yourself.