Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Snow Boarding

The latest adventure for the family includes snowboarding lessons.  I'll have to take their word for it since I'm not going to actively seek out snow and coldness.  It looks beautiful though, and they're all having such a good time.  

I contribute by staying in the warm house and taking care of the babies.  They're both as sweet as can be, but their play-fighting drives me crazy.  I want them to be nice to each other, but the rougher they play, the more fun they have.

The kitten's name is Gus. and I'm okay with that, but they call the dog Woodrow after the Lonesome Dove character, and it's not my favorite.  I call him George.  I need to get used to calling him something, because he needs correcting every few minutes.  No chewing the pillow/blanket/table legs/stairs/my computer/various items of clothing and shoes he finds.   No biting - my fingers/the cat's head.  Yard is for pooping, not the living room.   He's constantly in trouble but doesn't know why.  Good thing he's so cute and cuddly.

I cant seem to get the motivation for  blogging any more.  There are some good snowboarding videos, but I'm not sure they will work on this new format.

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