Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ready to Roll - With Fabric

I can't describe how I've looked forward to this trip to Texas. All by myself. Driving all afternoon listening to my audio books and drinking tea. Stopping and spending the night at a hotel and having all that time for just me. And then getting to drive all day the next day with my books and tea and just me. Nothing self-centered about me!

I packed all the fabric that I thought Elise would be interested in for her quilt and am taking them for her to choose. The ones we can match, we will, and the ones we can't will give us a good excuse to visit Rachel's Fine Fabrics. I guess it's wrong to hope we won't find matches for all of them. I know Rachel has missed me since my last visit.

I went to the library downtown just for audio books and left Mama in the car while I went in. I locked her in and told her to call 911 if anything happened. The worst thing was a stare-down with this big girl dressed in purple in the car next to ours. I think Mama probably won.

These look like they might be interesting. Four of them in case 1 ends up being no good.

Mike has just read "Great Expectations," and it's always good to have good literature to discuss on our side trip to - somewhere - next week. I chose the Grand Canyon, but it's too far. He says Utah, but I think we'll compromise on Colorado. Anything mountains. Anything beautiful.

I have my Kindle with its spiffy new orange case - with light - that Mike sent me.
And lots of sewing projects for when I stop tonight. Maybe Shreveport. It's just according to when I get myself in the car.

Darby went for her annual shearing yesterday. She hates the process but loves the look. I swear I saw her admiring herself in the window glass as we left the vet's.

She doesn't mind that she got told she needed to lose weight. She just gets half a can of Alpo and a quarter cup of hard food a day, and I've been feeling bad about that. She must be stealing more cat food than I realize.

Maybe she needs to spend more time herding.

I love being able to see her cute little feet without all that hair.

She really wants to go. She probably remembers all those McNugget Happy Meals she got last time.

This was looking through the cat door as I packed the car. If she lost that weight, there's a chance, maybe, of getting through that door.

So I'm off. Nearly. In a bit.

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  1. Hey!! How goes the vacation? Any update?
    Hugs for all