Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Stretch

I took my final stitch on this little quilt just now. The binding went on really well, and I'm pleased with it.


I decided the embroidery squares need a little something to hold them down since they didn't get involved in the quilting of the rest of it. So I'm going to make a running stitch around every design to kind of tack it down - not all the way through but through the batting. That will be kind of fun.

I'm sure everyone was worried about that. So relax now.

It should be ready to mail to Issaquah by the end of the week.

I have 2 more quilts lined up to take its place, but I sure will miss the colors and the little critters.


  1. Wow ! It turned out beautiful. I love it. That's one lucky person to received that quilt.

  2. Thanks! I've loved doing it, but it was disappointing to wash it and see that the embroidery is going to be wrinkled like - well like a quilt! It will be fine though. I'll get a big picture of it tomorrow.