Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Progress

After reading back over today's post, I wonder if it's just better not to write anything for days and days or to go on and on about my messy kitchen cabinets. Or the weather. Or sewing.

At least, people who come to see if I'm still alive can be satisfied. (I promise to answer emails soon.)

I didn't set any records for cleaning and straightening today, but when I had some extra time, I sewed - and sewed.

This is where the little quilt is now. Two more rows to join together. It's stressful zig-zagging the rows together and making sure the vertical bars line up. Then you have to turn it over and zig-zag again. I found my shoulders all knotted up a few times.

Tomorrow will be binding day hopefully. The stripe is the fabric I chose to go all the way around the edges. I love putting on bindings. Oh, and I guess I need to make a label too.
My only job on my quest to organize my kitchen was a row of cabinets and drawers - underneath those perfectly straight and clean drawers from yesterday.

So I did this drawer.

Not much to do here - just make new stacks.

I love the deep drawers next to the stove in this house. I have one for pots and pans too and straightened that one too, but I didn't put a picture here because I didn't want anyone to laugh at them.

This is one bottom cabinet that I've never really visited much. One side has baking things - maybe that's why . And pitchers, it seems. I threw away some things from here. Why would I have yeast? I won't mention the expiration date on that.

So it's all ready and waiting in case I get the urge to bake a cake - or something.

AND the biggie.

This neat spice/everything else rack is behind a door in the kitchen, and when I moved in, I just put anything on here that would fit. I think it's time to clean and sort. I'm kind of afraid to look at expiration dates because I may not have anything left when it's over with. If it smells good, I'm keeping it.

We'll see.

And finally --- my buy of the week/month/year (since that's all I've bought except groceries):


I had a fairly new mixer with a cute little stand that stored the beaters, but I kind of killed it before Christmas making cookies. There's that baking again. I kept forgetting to buy another one, but when I was in Wal-Mart the other day I remembered to look for one.

I found 2 portable mixers. One was a Black and Decker one for $19.88 and then there was this humble little thing for - not $8.88 - or even 5.88 - but $2.77! What's Wal-Mart's Blue Light Special? Rollbacks, maybe? If it works at all, it will be fine for that price. Who cares if I burn up the motor in this one?

I also found this in Wal-Mart, but I didn't stand in line for a picture. An hour before it was supposed to be on display, there were at least 100 people waiting for a picture.

Kind of blurred, but that's as close as I could get.

Gaby and Dina, you should ask Mike what this is!

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  1. Hmmmmm let me see... Looks like a decorative dish or an extremely big clear mint candy hahahahaha.

    $2.77 for a mixer? wow!! Buy me one hahahahaha!!
    it is a bargain dear, congratulations!!

    Any new from Debby?