Thursday, January 6, 2011

Late Bloomer and More Red Rooster

Look who decided to finally bloom.

This is a sad little Christmas cactus that just doesn't like this house. It used to have bunches of blooms from Thanksgiving until Christmas, but I'm thinking it needs some sort of boost. This is the best it could do, so far.

There are so many pictures and so much to mention about the retreat that I think I'll just limit today to food - although there were not too many limits on it. Every day we were served 3 meals a day. We would start smelling the food cooking and try to guess what it was long before the dinner bell rang.

Here's where we ate. A beautiful dining room with windows on 3 sides and decorated beautifully.

There was a menu posted every meal, and there was not one thing served that I didn't like, and that includes brussels sprouts, broccoli, and carrots. My favorites were the jambalaya, the crunchy slaw, and especially the cornbread. We had cherry cobbler, poppy seed cake, and almond joy pie, among other things, for dessert.

Breakfasts were great too. The first morning we had waffles with strawberry syrup, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Another day a hash brown and sausage casserole, sausages, and eggs. Always with a biscuit.

More pictures of the dining room and food.

We were even taken care of between meals. Quilting takes a lot of energy. There was always coffee ready and a little refreshment room with a refrigerator filled with drinks and plenty of snacks.
I'll get around to actual quilting tomorrow. And there was a whole bunch of that done. We didn't just eat all the time.

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