Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fox Dress

Kate wore a dress today that I made for Graysen two years ago.  Several people have asked me if I sew clothes for the girls, and I have to say no.  I'm too slow, and they grow too fast.  Also, Graysen is not absolutely sure about certain things, and it's kind of a shame to use the time and have her not wear it.  Kate has no qualms about wearing pretty much anything you tell her to, and this still fits her from last fall.

I found these next two pictures on the blog in November of 2015, and I was pretty proud of myself for finding a pattern and lining that I liked.

And it still doesn't have a button on the back.  Typically, Emily and I sent her to school this morning with a safety pin instead of a button there.  Maybe I'll remember to put one on there soon.

So now I'll go get started on that quilt.

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