Thursday, May 8, 2014

Morning Pretties

I love getting out first thing in the morning and grooming and talking to the plants before it gets hot.  So peaceful.

I'm enjoying this little group of pots.  The maple just makes me smile every time I see it.  so graceful.

Elise and I discovered portulaca (moss rose) when we lived in Greensboro.   I want to get a few cuttings and root them so I can put them in flower beds.  

This bed is coming along.  Sweet allyssum grown from seed along the bricks with purple petunias behind them.  The hostas look healthy so far as well as the daisies.  The only thing that's not thriving is the dianthus, but I think it just got trampled at first by pets.  There are 2 clematis plants at the trellis that have put out some new leaves, and the herbs are already needing to be harvested.  I'm glad we kept this little bed when we had the patio put in.  It's a little damp in that corner right now, but we'll figure it out.

And vegetables!  Squash blossoms!

This is the little hospital where we're nursing a few struggling vegetables. 

I'm not sure we need the extra 2 squash, but it's important to me for them to survive.  The banana peppers are about to bloom, and the very leggy cucumber and zucchini I got yesterday are going to be watched to see if they do okay.

I've never grown (or eaten very often) edamame, but I thought it would be something different.

And this is the nursery. (with pet guards).  Little baby marigolds, asters, and cosmos.  So exiting!

Darby likes getting up early too and making her rounds.

I went to Opelika Sewing Center yesterday for a class and ended up learning some new things and meeting some nice people.  But the best thing was a 30% sale on fabric.  No way I could leave without some pretty things.

Time to get ready for another countertop discussion.  I'll be glad when we make a decision and get something going.  I'm afraid it's not going to be easy though.

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