Saturday, May 17, 2014

Green is a Hard Color

And is driving me crazy!

I've about decided on green for Mama's bathroom. for several reason.  It will probably go with the fixtures and shower curtain I already have.  It will go with the neutral colors we have planned for the hall.  It's one of Mama's favorite colors - green and peach.

But it's not that easy.  I finally picked out 4 shades but couldn't narrow them down enough to buy the actual paint, so I went to Home Depot and had them mix four that I liked.

Got them home, Mike painted samples, and I don't love any of them.

From the above pictures, #3 looks like the winner, but on the wall, it is just too mint-y.

So he went bigger.

The last one is the one I'm leaning toward now.

This is an old picture from Roy and Eleanor's house, and the mat is probably faded by now, but this is the color I want in the kitchen when we paint it.

If I could find it, I would buy it today, but I'm about to lose hope of finding it.  We painted our sunroom in Meridian Lima Bean Green and loved it so much.  It may be that anything was beautiful after pulling down the grape arbor wallpaper, which is how I'm going to feel about this magnolia stuff.  

I think we'll have to get away from Behr, although that's what we seem to always use because it's so convenient to go to Home Depot, and we have our own coffee cups there.  Not really, but we are recognized from the paint section to the countertop section.  Is that a good thing or not?

After doing a few Google searches with the names (Celtic Gray, Restful, and Valley Mist), none of them look bad in rooms that I've seen.  I ruled out the darker color and probably the mintier one and will choose between Celtic Gray and Restful.

This is progress.


  1. Ha Ha I have the same paint samples and color swatches in blue, teal, aqua---etc. We (that is --I) finally picked something and kept having the HD guy lighten it up twice. What we ended up with for the living room looks like Crest toothpaste. A little minty, but I DO like it. Then had to change the hallway color that was a mushroom color to something that went with Crest toothpaste. Decided on "Cotton Tail" which looks like vanilla ice cream. It is perfect with the wood stairs and living room. I actually just walked into HD and picked it right out. That's a first. Good luck- I feel your frustration.

    1. So funny. I remember now your talking about your blue and green decisions. I should have consulted you. Every time I pass by the bathroom, I change my mind! I hate having to worry what color is in the adjoining room - and you do have a lot of open spaces.