Sunday, May 18, 2014

Chair Success

Sewing has taken a back seat to house sprucing up lately.  Inside and out.

I consulted my long, long list of things I wanted to have done by May 30th and decided to go ahead and finish those dining chairs.

After taking off the old striped fabric and finding even older tapestry fabric underneath, I decided to use the yellow and coral fabric that has been around for years.

It was just a matter of making myself get started because it was so easy I should have done it a long time ago.

Mike took off the seats and the outer fabric, and I placed the fabric and decided if I wanted the same pattern on each or just random flowers.  I was lucky enough to have 6  repeats of this design so I cut the first one and then laid the other 5 on top of it and matching up all 4 sides.  It worked pretty well.

I wasn't really concerned with centering the design but just placing each one in a pleasing pattern.

The hardest part of the stapling was running out of staples and having to find a YouTube video on how to change them.  It went fast and was very satisfying to see 6 neat little seats appear.

I like them.  Unfortunately, the dining table is one of our staging places for the vacation, so I can't see them in their place yet.

We're getting closer to painting today.  I went back and forth over those shades of green on the wall and finally settled on Restful.  And then today I found on the closet floor a folded paint sample with the color Rejuvenate on it - which was a shade lighter than the Restful.  So without even getting a sample and trying it, Mike is on the way to Home Depot to get it and bring it home.

He caulked and muttered and scraped and stomped around and muttered a little more yesterday but got the trim and doors painted and most of the flaws hidden, and I think it is ready to paint.  We pick Mama up tomorrow, so we better get most of it done today or we'll be sharing a bathroom tomorrow.

We also go to the counter top place in Birmingham to bring home some bigger samples (to try to talk people into helping me make up my mind) and check out the sinks.  I can see painting that kitchen before the summer is over.

The back yard is pretty at twilight.  I can't decide if I like it better then or early in the morning.

 That poor maple tree has been rejuvenated so many times and lost another limb during this past rain.  It's doomed, I'm afraid, but I want to hold onto it as long as I can for a little bit of shade.

Soon it will be harvest time.

There are so many squash and almost big enough to pick.

It will be awhile for these little tomatoes.  These are Roma ones, and we have some Better Boy in a pot with about 3 tomatoes on it.

The banana pepper babies are so cute.  I wonder if you can kill them by looking at them in awe several times a day and maybe touching them.  Same with the tomatoes.  Maybe they'll feel loved and be delicious.

The pet barrier worked at first and still works for Darby.  I saw her jump into the bed and get her feet tangled and jump out quickly again.

But Stella/Molly with her delicate tread likes to check out the new seedlings.  I should plant them some catnip.

A silly picture of Darby.  Her DUH look.  She's always in trouble this spring for digging.  She's never done it before, but I think all this new soil is too tempting for her, especially when a lizard or a bug is around.

I don't have any new pictures of Graysen in the past few days.  I need to start whining about it, I guess.  Maybe we'll skype today.

I can't remember which pictures I've already posted, but there are a few I got last month.  Some Easter ones and some from a fun day out with Mom and Aunt Karen.

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