Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beach Sewing

 I found a set of 4 little colorful bags at I think Hobby Lobby years ago, and they've been sitting around in the sewing room.  It's the perfect size for packing a few beach toys and shoes for Graysen.  This is an old whale design from Embroidery Boutique,  I notice they have some cuter ones now - on sale.

Here is the finished Children's Corner Frannie Baby.  I love how it turned out and will make this pattern again.

Instead of ribbon under the arms, I just unsewed some of the lime gingham purchased piping and refolded it.  I wanted to use that to cover the button on the back, but it was a just a teeny bit narrow, so I had to use some green gingham I had that was close enough.

Now keeping fingers crossed it will fit.

Another dress I just finished was this Monkey Tails blank that I got at My Kids Attic.

I liked one bird but liked the tail of another one, the Swirly Bird from Applique For Kids, so I merged the two and got this.

It's perfect and just what I wanted, but I made 2 mistakes.  I thought the designs was going to be too big, so I ran it around the side a little, and it ended up being too far around to the side.

The other mistake was not using more of a contrasting color for the tail.   It shows up better in person.  I thought the stitch was going to be thicker, but it was a good learning experience.  I'll use it again and do better next time.

Here we go again with wallpaper stripping.

This is Mama's bathroom, and I'm still puzzled why someone thought this was an attractive wallpaper.

I think it's supposed to put you in mind of an old European city - or something - but I still see collared pigs running every time I look at it.

Mama hasn't complained about it and probably never even looked closely at it.  I asked what color she wanted, and she said something light - not red or blue.  So no primary colors, I guess.  I have a gold shower curtain that I'd like to keep, but it's already so neutral in there that I might try a different color.  It would be easily re-paintable later on if it doesn't work.

I used to love to listen to audio books when I did mundane things, but I've gotten behind times on CDs and players, etc.  I have been enjoying (too much) The Good Wife, another Amazon Prime free offering.  I'm on Season 3 - with 5 more seasons stretching in front of me, so it was easy enough to set up my computer to listen (and watch a little) while I worked.  You really miss a lot not seeing facial expressions, especially in the court scenes, so it's not ideal.

Today is my favorite baby's birthday - 15 months.  She's having so many adventures it's hard to keep up with her.  She rode a ferry and picnicked on Bainbridge Island yesterday. 

With her little sand bucket and shovel, she's getting ready for the Gulf of Mexico beaches.