Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wishing for spring

It's about that time when the little tolerance I have for cold weather completely disappears.

I bought seeds.  It makes me feel a little better.

I went consignment shopping and bought sweet summer things.

I'm looking at patterns for birds and whales and things to embroider on Graysen's shirts.

I've always loved this bird on vine design from Applique Cafe but never used it.  I decided to audition several fabrics on different shirts.

I ended up using this one since I needed to use the smallest long-sleeved shirt first.

I got these leggings at BabyGap and then proceeded to get confused as I pulled out all the 18-month shirts I had collected.  Which design to put on which shirt to match which leggings?

A little confusing.  But if I get one more shirt, I can do 2 shirts for each pair of leggings for 8 ways to use those designs I collect but never use.  Applique Cafe has another one I really want to try - Zig-Zag Birds.

My sweet friends Tyler is having his 4th birthday party this afternoon and wanted rocket ships for his shirt and cake.  This is what his mom Amanda and I came up with.  I love her sense of color and knowing exactly what will go with what.  All I have to do then is start the machine and do a little trimming.

And more trimming.

At this stage, it doesn't look like it's going to be that pretty.

There s one for Little Brother too.

And I guess I need to make a matching newborn onesie to match for Baby Sister or Brother in August.  Amanda has been advised to not choose any more 7-letter names for her children.

We have foyer progress.  Looking back for Before pictures, I couldn't believe it's been over a month since we started taking this wallpaper down.

Mike took over the stripping and then took the time to do precision repairs on all the woodwork.

It took me forever to settle on a paint color.  The living room is a dull gold/yellow/beige that I'm not unhappy with, and I wanted to brighten it up and have the foyer and dining room to go from the lightest shade to the darkest in the dining room.  Not that easy.  Everything started seeming TOO yellow - think daffodil or baby chick yellow.

This shows a little of the living room color - which will change to a lighter version of the present color in there if I can find it.  It's the same color as the living room in Columbus that caused me to buy the orange and gold striped couch, which I don't regret - but it does kind of limit the color family.

So the final verdict on the paint color:  Toasted Marshmallow by Behr.  I'm not sure what the first 2 or 3 coats were, but the last one ended up this, and I love it.  Such a clean look with the white woodwork.

The wallpaper that we started out with was not awful, so the change is not drastic, but it is already lighter in that foyer.  Almost makes me want a white table in there instead of the dark wood - but that's not going to happen.  Sigh of relief from Mike.

I gave him a project that I thought was hopeless, and he's worked wonders with a pair of little shoes.  I found some navy ones in the attic that Emily wore when she was 3 or 4 years old - and apparently wore them long and well.  They were stiff and scuffed and looked like they had come from the last mud puddle she had waded through.  I thought it would be sweet if Graysen could wear them one day just for a picture - I don't think they would be comfortable enough for much more than that.  He has worked on them for a week, trying all kinds of treatments and polishes, and this is how they look right now.  

He even glued insoles of white felt in each one.  A little more polishing, and they should be ready for a try-on in a few years.  I'm going to try to find a photo of Emily wearing them.  I remember a Halloween one of her in a clown outfit with them on.  Elise had the same style, but they were red.  I love these shoes on little girls.

Mike drove me to the consignment sale and waited in the car.  Such a production.  Thanks to a thoughtful friend giving me her guest pass, I was able to go before the public sale but ---- SO many people buying SO many clothes.  I came out with 11 things, but the women in line were pushing laundry baskets and trash cans just piled up with things.  After those people had had a chance to get what they wanted, I found very little, but they were fun things and will be cute if we hit the seasons right.  I'm aware that the summery sleeveless things won't get worn until August (if at all), but they were fun for me to buy and will hopefully get resold next spring.

This swimsuit and coverup didn't come together, but they match.  I'd like to get rid of that pink on the swimsuit!  I'm not even sure what it is supposed to be.

This is such a pretty monogram, I'd like to leave it and wonder if anyone would notice it wasn't Graysen's initials.  Emily and I decided that it was not ABSOLUTELY necessary to have a monogrammed beach coverup, so I might just take it out.

A bonus to find a UNC onesie amid all the Auburn and Alabama outfits.

These will probably get the most use of all the articles in Snoqualmie.  But probably not at the same time.  Those boots are size 5 but look pretty big.  

I have to do a Saturday Wal-Mart trip with Mama, so I'd better go mentally prepare for it.

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