Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Job

Wallpaper stripping has been started again.  This time, it's the foyer.  It's small and should not be a lot of trouble.  The wallpaper in there is not awful but a little dark and outdated, so we plan to paint it and go on to do the adjoining living room and dining room.

Oops.  Too late to turn back now.

I totally love stripping wallpaper, especially the under layer that peels off nicely.  Hanging it though.  I can't think what might convince me to ever do that again.

Once I got a few patches of both layers off, I found that the wall is in great shape and painted the same color as the living room (the middle tone in the picture).  It's still too dark though, so it'll get a fresh coat.

It already looks brighter .

 You can tell here how high I could get without using the ladder.  I'm hoping to interest someone else in doing that.
New little cat stayed with me the whole time and I think is still there 2 hours later.

We just got these pictures this afternoon.  Graysen and Jack kind of look alike here.


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