Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spooky Sewing

I can't believe I'm making my granddaughter something with a bat on it!  Emily was looking at some designs this summer and mentioned more than once how much she liked this one.
I think it turned out okay even with its spooky geranium eyes.  The suggested thread color of the moon was citrus and the eyes geranium.

Even though it doesn't feel much like fall, I'm trying to do some Halloween and Thanksgiving embroidery this month and maybe even Christmas.
Okay, I have to confess that I've just discovered this is not the right design.  When I went to my Fall/Halloween folder of designs, I saw this one and put it into the machine, thinking it was the one Emily had liked.  Just now when I went to see where I got it and found out it was Planet Applique, I noticed that there was another bat and moon, this one an applique - and MUCH sweeter. 
No evil geranium eyes.  And I like polka-dot bats better than the solid black one.  I'll be looking for another orange shirt or onesie this week!
I've spent most of my time in the sewing room lately, it seems, but I'm enjoying it.  This is how it starts.  Jusst a big clump of white mesh fabric. 
This week I got to break it up with a little fuschia.  Pretty.

The more I sew these jerseys, the more comfortable I get with the serger and learning new ways of making things work.
One thing I had never used in all my years of sewing was the free arm feature.  Just never thought about it.  But with all these little arm openings to hem, it works perfectly and just speeds things up greatly.

I also pulled out this cute little attachment that I'd never used before either.  The machine has many guidelines on it, but I tend to let my eyes (and mind) wander and end up with a crooked seam.

It just screws into a hole already on my machine, and you can set it exactly where you want the fabric edge to line up.  This way, if I start daydreaming, the edge of the fabric snuggles up against the little ledge and guides itself. 
 Another stack pressed and ready to go.
I have more nonsewing things to say, but these pictures are loading so slowly I'll have to wait until tomorrow.
I did get one sweet picture tonight called, "Busted - during her nap."
Caught on the nannycam standing up and gnawing on the crib rail.  I'm afraid it won't be long until she's trying to get over to the toy area.  Fun times ahead!

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