Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nice Day's Work

Seventeen pretty much perfect jerseys, size 2T and 6 mo.  Cute little things.

This V-neck used to scare me and is not always perfect the first time, but I'm conquering it.

In these two batches, I did not have to take out one seam because of being inside out and only about 3 of the V-neck areas to tweak them a little bit.

 While my serger has run all day, the pressure washer has also, with great results.  Compared to yesterday's black mess, this is wonderful.

And then I walked into the kitchen and discovered these just out of the oven. 

This is the purple bishop I ordered yesterday from Facebook!  My reward for sewing 5 jerseys!

Graysen has a very important party to go to at Christmas time, and this is one choice for that.  I'm also going to make her a white one when we decide on the details.

This is such a neat idea that I've just discovered.  Groups!  I'm sure there are groups for everything, but this one is just for smocked clothing.  Mothers post their children's outgrown clothes, in this case only smocked things, put a price on it, and you just say you want it.  First come, first served.  They invoice you, you pay on Paypal, and it's on it's way.  No bidding, no fighting crowds, no fees.  It's waaay too easy, and there may have been a flurry of texts and emails and packages going to Washington this week.  One bonus is getting to exchange messages with some sweet girls, one in Louisiana and one in Mississippi.  They worked with me on sending pictures of their child in the clothing, measured neck size and length, and were just all around nice.
All I have to do is hem the jerseys tonight. I'm ready to embroider some pumpkins and turkeys! But first - milk and cookies and a break from the sewing room

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