Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Toy

And not another sewing machine!

This one is Mike's, although I'm envious of how much fun it looks.

He's already cleaned the front walk and even the brick on the house behind the flower beds and started on the back driveway.

To show you how neat it is, I have to show a picture of how bad this area had become with dirt and mildew.  I didn't even notice it that much until ---

He thought this was really witty.

I've sewed on and off this afternoon and spent the money I made on a dress for Graysen.  Why not?


  1. NOT a toy. This is more like the precision implement that the surgeons in Lubbock used to clean my insides after the appendix exploded.

  2. So that's the reason for wearing the mask and stethoscope today?