Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Day

It's almost time to start to work, and I feel like I just got up.  Hours are passing too quickly.

Well, we didn't really get out of the house by 8:30 like we planned, but we did leave by 9:30.  I first went to Jen's and picked up a week's (I hope) worth of work to do.  It looks like this when I get it home.

 The pieces are usually all white, and Jen dyes them after they're sewed, but today I have a bonus  - 2 fuchsia jerseys - very girly.
The first thing I do is take all the collars, the pieces that fit around the neck and make a V, and iron them right sides together.
Even though they look the same on both sides, there is a right and wrong side.  I tell the difference by feel and am very careful with it - don't ask how hard it is to take out seams that have been serged!
Here they are all pressed and ready to seam to the yoke, not really too hard if you pin, and I do pin very much right now.  Jen can shoot them right under the serger without it, but I don't have that control yet.
I told her that she threw me into the fire by loaning me a serger and showing me how to do it.  Lots of mistakes and hair pulling later, I think I can do a pretty good job - at least she hasn't told me I haven't.
I decided to buy my own serger and did a lot of research before I settled on this Brother 1034D.  I wasn't going to put hundreds of dollars into one, but I wanted one that was easier to thread than the one I had borrowed.
I think it's pretty and does a good job and got really good reviews on Amazon and a machine review website I went to.  4-1/2 stars!  I also got a thread catcher to catch the tons of clippings sergers produce. 
Anyway, this is what the jersey looks like after Jen gets through dying it and putting on the vinyl names, numbers, stripes, whatever you want.  This is my model for measurements and which way the V on the neck goes, etc.
That's all I had time for today.  We went to the library where I got 3 audio tapes for all this sewing I'm about to do.  It goes faster when someone is telling me a story, particularly if it's in a British accent (Maeve Binchey).
Then we went by the consignment shop to pick up my check and leftovers.  I ended up bringing only 1 thing home - the one I had priced high hoping no one would buy it! - and donating 4 other things that were left.  I was overall pleased with that experience, and the ladies who run it know what they're doing.  Very organized.
After lunch and catching up on emails and FB (necessary), I saw a 6-12 month shirt not going to Washington in the big box.  I couldn't send Graysen a plain white shirt, although Emily might appreciate it, so I went and did her a pumpkin.
It's another Monag (great shirts, really well made), and the design is another by Planet Applique, Whimsical Pumpkin.  I believe she's set for fall and Halloween.  Now I can work on Thanksgiving and Christmas in my spare time.  That's calls for an LOL.
Lydia sent me a sweet message on Facebook about reading this blog, and that makes me happy.  She got to see how I copied yesterday's pumpkin from one on her photo pages.  I'm almost ashamed for her to see my work after looking at all she does.  Her web site is http://www.laynejames.com/, and she does the best job on everything she does.  She's branched out from embroidering on clothing to other things, like putting vinyl lettering on things you would never think about.  She also does her usual exellent job on embroidery.
She made these shirt for Sam and Sawyer last year, and I gave the to them when I first met them.  They were just babies then, but this year they fit them perfectly just in time for football season.  Lydia won't mind the shirt between them.

Time to start to work.  No new pictures of Graysen, just some videos of her pretty much going anywhere in her room she want to go.  Emily says it's time for the baby gates.  I wish I knew how to get YouTube videos on this blog.  Something else to learn.

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