Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beautiful Children

Nearly every Friday morning, I head down to the church to watch the children of a few young women who get together for a Bible study.  There are only 3 mothers but 8 children - and 9 pretty soon.

I took these pictures one of the first times we met, and I'll take some more this Friday because I don't have ones of the baby twins who stay with their mother usually and eat and sleep.

There are 2 brother sets:  Tyler and Bronner, Luke and Mark.  Luke was missing this particular morning, but I think I have a picture of him on another day.  Daniel and Sarah are the other 2 and the siblings of the twins.

So here is an example of how the morning goes.

Bronner and Mark exploring.


The unending fascination with the bucket of toys.

Somebody always seems to be sitting in it.

The usual nurseries are taken by the day care groups during the week, so we have only this room and this small collection of toys.  Looks like Daniel and Tyler are casting spells on each other.

Sweet Sarah is the only girl except for her baby sister who will be joining the group when she's older.

There are always plenty of snacks, and that gets taken care of immediately - and pretty much the whole morning.

This is how things start looking around 11:30.

 I'm not sure whats happening in this sequence, but this is Luke and Tyler doing something to Tyler's shirt.

The girls in the background I had for a few weeks to help, but unfortunately they had to get back to school in August.  They were a big help.

So this is my Friday morning.  I'm ready for a nap when I get home every Friday, but I love them, and they make me laugh

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