Saturday, March 16, 2013

Projects and Picture Fail

For a change, I have made a lot of progress on my to-do list and then forgot to take pictures of the finished things.

I finished 2 adult-size viking hats, like this one.

Hope her parents like theirs more than Graysen liked her.  This is a yawn, but she was already beginning to get unhappy with the whole modeling thing at 1 day old.
I packed G's Easter box and neglected to take pictures of that too.  The only sewing I did there was to replace some grayish-looking buttons with some white ones on a new jumper and onesie. 
I love this little outfit for Graysen's first Easter.  It's so soft and not overwhelmed with "stuff," including bunnies.   Perfect for a new baby.  She'll have ruffles and smocking and lace (in moderation) when she's older.  I thought these buttons stood out too much so changed them.

She can't keep socks or shoes on, but I found some yesterday that I think will be small enough to stay on. 

These are 2 patterns I would like to finish/try next.  I sent Emily some pictures from my visit to The Shoppes at My Kid's Attic, and she did like this...

Except witout the bows and possibly without the smocking.  Just a seersucker tiered sundress with maybe some machine embroidery designs on the top.  So I found a pattern yesterday that is similar and will try to do something like that.  This is the bubble that goes with it, also possible with certain changes.

I think I've mentioned the Emma dress before that has been started well over a year ago.  I did the smocking, which was fun, and then didn't enjoy the embroidery so much, so I put it away. Now I'm going to try to do a non-lace version of this Old-Fashioned Baby dress.  Maybe a little lace around the neck and sleeves but only some embroidery around the hem.  Goal is to finish it before she outgrows it, but I think she has a year anyway.

Here are the patterns.  On the sunshiny kitchen table.  I like the overalls too.

The smocking on this dress went so well, and I love the simplicity.  I do need to finish it, even with no embroidery.

Another project that I'm determined to finish before Monday.  I worked on this on our Thanksgiving trip and have it all ready except for sewing the pieces together.  I had to look up some instructions and watch a few YouTubes and waste a lot of time getting distracted before I was ready to start.

Back in the middle, 2 sleeves, and the front and back.  It's big enough for a 3-year-old so no hurry on finishing it.  I just want to get it out of my to-do pile.

So what else has been going on besides sewing and knitting?  Not one thing for me.  Mammogram on Monday, a little shopping/wandering Tuesday, and a trip to the fabric shop for buttons yesterday.  Mike cooks and I sew/knit/crochet.  Pretty good deal.  Keeps us both from having to do anything useful.

Debby has had some bad (roof falling in) and good (new kitchen cabinets) things to happen lately, and she's going to send me some before and after pictures of her kitchen later.  But a really good thing for her lately is a new grandbaby, Myles.  He is so cute.  I love his smile and chubby hands. 

Not rushing Graysen, but it will be so neat when she starts smiling and laughing.  These are some pictures I got this week.  She is reading already - all about butterflies - so smiling can come later.
Her greatest talent right now is sleeping - in all kinds of positions and at any time, for which her parents are grateful!
She is now one month old, nearly 5 weeks.  It hasn't taken long to become the center of our lives.  Even all the way across the country, I'm still thinking of her and praying for her health and happiness all the time.




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