Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mainly Sewing

I can't even remember what I've been doing since I last posted here.  Lots of sewing and some cleaning of the sewing areas.

I finished the 2 adult-sized Viking hats and got them in the mail and was rewarded with pictures this week.  Emily shamelessly wore hers all day the day it came.

She put another picture on Facebook, and it seems there is quite a demand from people not afraid to look ridiculous.

I was worrying about Graysen being scared, but I think she's decided it's the norm.

Ryan got a good stare and then a laugh.

Then Victoria and Sami came over to visit, and they got in on the headgear.

 What a sweet picture of Sami and Graysen getting to know each other.

I've decided to put up my crochet hook for a bit and concentrate on finishing the Emma dress.  This pattern was wonderful to make.  I started it a year ago and put it aside until we found out Graysen was going to be a girl and got so busy making other things.  I ate the dessert first though, getting the fun part (the smocking) done first.

The embroidery was not hard but just tiny and time-consuming on a yoke only about 7 inches long. 

Once that was done, I then had to face piping the yoke to the smocking, sewing entredeux to the neck and sewing lace to the entredeux.

Then came pleating and smocking the little sleeves.  They are my favorite things.

Sorry for so many pictures, but if I ever do anything that turns out nearly perfect, I like to celebrate (and boast about it). 
The back has cute little tucks in it and will look better once I tackle those buttonholes.  I'm a little scared but am going to plunge right in later today.
Love the pleats under the arms to add fullness.
This is a 6-month size, so we feel like Graysen can wear it by the end of the summer.

  Sweet baby had her 1-month birthday and is now 5-1/2 weeks old.  I should be able to find some pictures in my picture file if I look hard enough.  I still don't have the official "birthday" pictures, but these are some during her second month.

The Easter box arrived.

Wondering why grownups think posing babies in silly hats is funny.

 What does it all mean?
Posing in bunny ears is boring.

And I'm officially done.

Grayson is not a fan of clothes modeling and prefers to be snuggled down in a fleecy blanket with pjs.
But sometimes a girl has to try on her finery.
Really!  Doesn't matter if it is Aunt Lisey's bonnet.

Looking good - but Dad hates the church-lady pantsuit.

 Dancing a little in the fancy dress.

 Mimi's choice.

 Well, not this this Easter.  This year?  Bubble to dress maybe?

And we haven't even seen her in Aunt Debby's bunny outfit.  It's worth waiting for.  She's going to love it.  This is the basket she sent with some little Mimi gifts to be torn into.  Fopa claims none of the silliness.

So working and sewing have been all I've done this week - and loved it.  The sewing part anyway.  We got to enjoy some nice thunder and heavy rain yesterday and last night.  Cool enough for a fire and very enjoyable just to relax and do what you want to.  Mike cooked some and worked in the yard some but nothing he hated.  I'm ready for some spring flowers.  I'm just too lazy to go get them and plant them. 
We're going to Skype this afternoon with Graysen and possibly her parents when she wakes up.  Can't wait to see what she's doing now.

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