Friday, March 1, 2013

Catch Up Time

The longer I procrastinate, the more things I will forget.  I'm getting at least a picture a day and sometimes more from Graysen, so we can't neglect those.

We got home Monday night fairly late, and I was not that tired, just normal getting back from a trip tired.  But it hit me the rest of the week, just draggy and in need of a nap every afternoon.  It could be the suitcases to unpack and the laundry and having to work every night, bringing in some groceries, dentist and doctor appointments, missing having a little baby to kiss and snuggle with every day.  And add to that my company putting in a new platform (again) that we have to be trained for and have people come in and set up things in your computer.  Something I didn't need right now. 

So flying.  I think I did okay.  We stayed in Atlanta Wednesday night, and it's kind of a blur because we were so thrilled about Graysen's safe arrival and all the happiness that goes along with that, constant emailing of pictures and questions and answers.  I won't even talk about the Marriott and the construction wing and all the outside doors and my bad attitude.  It was just good to get in and get to sleep.

We parked in a Park and Ride lot, and that was so nice.  We got out of our car, took the bags out of the back, and someone else took over for us then.  I didn't like that it was $108 to park.  I guess I thought it should have been free or something.  But we were gone 12 days so I guess not too bad.  The driver of the shuttle was nice, the curbside checkers were nice, and everyone else was just almost too sweet.  I was expecting a little surliness, being Hartsfield and all and its reputation, but I think all the workers had been to PR school.

Mike just kind of led the way on the trains and escalators and led me right into the plane finally.  I didn't like the feeling of it being too late when we walked into that door, but I was fine.  The flight was very smooth, and I slept for a couple of hours.  I couldn't see well or was either too sleepy to do much needlework.

Ryan picked us up almost immediately on getting our baggage and whisked us to the hospital.  Painless.

Emily and Graysen took us to the airport Monday and dropped us off.   I was pretty brave, but it was hard to leave these two.

I really meant to take more pictures in the airports and plane but just didn't.  This is the only one in Seattle and nothing special.  A really nice airport there.  Both airports are pretty and easy to get around in (if you have someone leading you).

Mike made me read signs and find my way back to the Park and Ride by myself in case I ever go without him.

This is what I did on the way back.

I was fascinated by that little plane and where it was the whole time.  I managed to finish Graysen's name on her birth announcement  but the Bindert is one space to the left, so I'm going to have to take it out and work on it.

Emily has been so good to keep in touch with us since we've been back and let us know everything that's going on.  They are still in Heaven with that little girl and love everything about taking care of her.

There are going to be quite a few pictures but not all labeled.  When I was there in person, there were so many pictures I couldn't keep up with them, but now I find myself grabbing each one that comes in by text or email.

She had her 2-week checkup yesterday and is thriving.  This is the update from Em.

Graysen is a big girl! We saw the pediatrician today who is really happy with everything so far and even remarked at how strong she is for 2 weeks (G showed off by rolling a little on the table and lifting her head up against gravity - yay).

So, she is in 90th percentile for weight at 8lb, 9 oz; the 97th percentile for height at 21.75 inches, and 97th percentile for head circumference at 14.5 inches! Gigantic smart baby!!

So now for some pictures.

I took a few more of the nursery since they did some work on it.  


 The sweet little bracelet Aunt Lisey gave her.

 We tried to sort out all the clothes by sizes.  A little confusing but some idea now of what she has to look forward to this year.
This is the picture I got the afternoon I left labeled, "Where's Mimi?"

Just some funny and cute pictures taken while we were there and some after we left.

Modeling Aunt Debby's monogrammed gown on a quilt made for her by a friend.

Swaddled in one of Aunt Sherry's blankets.

Meeting friends Nicole and Jeff who are having Graysen a playmate in September.  They're 90% it's a boy.  They'll be such great parents.

Skyping with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan.

Kathy and Alan saw the Washington Huskies socks and had to remedy that, so they sent these.  War Eagle. 
Now all that are missing are the UNC baby blue ones.

Just some more pictures.

 I made this little snuggler sometime last year, and she fits it so well.

And these are from today.  Chilling in her bunny seat and helping mom with the laundry.

So maybe that catches up for a week anyway.  Graysen is such a treasure to us, and we just adore every picture we receive.  Maybe we'll get used to it (but I don't think so, at least for a long while).


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  2. I just about teared a little at the picture of "Where is Mimi?" So precious! She is just beautiful!

  3. Me too, Leigh Ann. We're going to have to start Skyping so she will get used to us.