Sunday, February 10, 2013


We are all naturally anxious to meet this baby and find out she's okay and what she's going to be like.  But we're not exactly sitting around twiddling our thumbs. 

Ryan posted on Facebook last night that they were out eating wings to try to hurry things up - really hot ones if I remember Emily's wing tastes.  Hope it didn't mean a night of heartburn.  They're taking advantage of some extra days to get the nursery completly finished.  I'm going to insist on some pictures today if they're still home.  They're also going for lots of walks, and Emily is using this time to read and sleep, both of which are going to be missing for the next few months.

I went shopping here yesterday.  I've been curious about this sale for a couple of years but had no reason to check it out before.  The change of plans gave me a perfect chance to go see what it was all about.  I wish I had taken my camera.

Here are some pictures from their Facebook page.

And not only clothing.


As big as the crowd was, it was well organized, and everyone was polite and cheerful.  I mainly wanted to just walk through and see how things were organized and see if it was worth going to next time.  

But I looked through the walls and walls and racks and bins of things.  I was pretty much looking for sweaters and warm things, but naturally this far South those things were rare.  I ended up with 13 items for $50, most of them in larger sizes for next year.  Here is a sampling of what I found.  Next time I'm going to look at volunteering and selling some of my sewing just to get in the door for the early sale.


And what every little girl needs:
After admiring a sweater in a local children's shop this week and seeing a price tag of $78, this makes me feel nice and thrifty.  Now I need to get busy and start smocking and embroidering since those are the things that carry big price tags too - not to mention being cute. 
A big disadvantage of delaying our trip is that we've had to bring in more groceries and mess up the house that was all straight 2 days ago, so cleaning and repacking will need to happen again.  Let's hope the snow storms stay out of Washington.
Sometimes I wonder why I write all this mundane stuff down, but this morning Mike was telling me about a lady in Publix who had on a Mardi Gras hat.  I asked if it were the same one who had on the turkey hat at Thanksgiving.  He couldn't remember anyone having on a turkey hat, but all it took was a quick look back to a November entry to confirm it was the same person and she indeed had on that hat. 
This blog is going to come in handy for our Alzheimer days.  And for winning arguments.


  1. These consignment sales are wonderful! I've been going to them since Kori was a baby. They have become so popular that there are way too many clothes at the ones in Tuscaloosa. I still go but limit how much I spend. I've sold a few times too. Need to now just don't have the time to get things organized and labeled.

    Can't wait to Baby G makes her debut!

  2. Yeah. There are a BUNCH of things in the middle and low price ranges and then a half-price sale tomorrow, I think. The ones who consign and volunteer get first choice, so naturally all the nicer things are gone by the time the public gets to shop. But you can't beat it for play clothes. And they're all labeled and clean and sized so nicely. A couple of my things had tags on. And no shipping like with ebay. There is a big one in WA that we're going to try to find next year. It does take a lot of work to get things ready to sell.

    We're ready to see this stubborn girl too. We want her to be smaller than Emily was, so hopefully she won't stay in and grow much longer.

  3. When I went to the volunteer/seller presale I spent way too much money! I like to go after it has been picked over so I don't spend as much money and I don't know what I missed getting! lol

    No use in selling if you are going to spend it all there!