Monday, February 11, 2013

Using the Extra Time

Since we have a delay of 5 days, I did get busy and finish the initial pillow and make 2 more unnecessary baby gifts.

The embroidery on the pillow was quick and easy, although I was out of sync on shadow embroidery after so many years.  I would do a better job next time, but I think this will do.

The ruffle was kind of not easy though.  I rolled and whipped the lace  just like I was taught, and that went wonderfully.  Then I gathered it, but when I had it sandwiched between the layers, I caught some of the fabric and sewed it down when I turned the corners, so I ended up just taking it out and starting over, pinning more carefully this time.  I think it turned out just right to fit in the little rocking chair.  I believe it measures 8 inches, including the ruffle.

Baby is going to be maybe a month old at Easter, so she probably doesn't need a bunch of things.  She already has a bunny hat and a bunny bib, but I figured she might need another bib.  I've seen these embroidery designs for years and bought a few, so I really want a chance to use them.  I also had a plain white bib that was just begging for a design on it.  I think it worked out nicely.

And then just because I had seen this somewhere, I had to do this little taggy giraffe rattle.    It took 10 minutes probably, and part of that time was printing and taping together the pattern and deciding what fabric to use.  I used cotton for the front and chenille for the back.  Oh, and finding a jingle bell for the inside took a bit of time.  I wish it jingled louder, but since I had to wrap it in batting, it's a little muffled and just kind of clinks.

I guess I'll put up my needle and machines and clean and pack now.  My project for the drive to Atlanta and the plane trip are all those viking hats I've promised people.

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