Thursday, February 7, 2013

Those Baby Plans

The lists are made, the contacts given instructions, everything taken care of except getting in the car to leave for the airport tomorrow.

We have reminders for Mama all over the place.

Along with every telephone number she might need.

Nothing left to pack except my clothes.

I swear that suitcase is NOT pink.  It's looking pretty neat alongside that travel-weary blue one though.

 And then we get to have second thoughts!

Today is Emily's due date, and we thought we would have some justification for making the trip at just this particular time.  Unfortunately, there is no sign of labor, no dilation, nothing.  Just at first the scare of an over-9-pound baby.  After the ultrasound, which was very reassuring, the consensus is that it's more like 8 or 8-1/2 pounds, but we're still no more sure when to go than we were before.

The doctor (and Emily) don't want an induction if there is any way around it, and we sure don't want one to happen just because we're sitting up there worrying about my 2-week leave dwindling away!

We'll make further plans tonight, but the thought now is that we will delay the trip until probably next Wednesday.  She sees the doctor on Tuesday, and surely we'll be within a week of delivery by then.  On the other hand, she could come tonight.  Birthing babies is just so unpredictable.

If we knew she were coming next Tuesday or pretty soon thereafter, we could justify going ahead and leaving tomorrow, but there are just too many unknowns, and we want that 2 weeks of quality cuddling time.

This whole thing might change before bedtime, but this is how it stands right now, and we'll have to get on the ball with informing people of our change of plans - if they happen.

I went to the grocery store and got Mama 2 weeks' worth of food.  Her requests and a few surprises.

It's a teeny bit disappointing for me but not nearly as much so for Emily.  She said, "It's not like I went in today expecting to bring a baby home, but I did hope for some hint as to progress."  They're really able to laugh about it, and Ryan is a little relieved at having some more time for those last-minute projects.

I might even get to make my embroidery square into a pillow now before I leave.

I'm certain on this rainy evening I don't mind drinking a cup of coffee in front of the fire with these comfy-looking girls.

Darby now likes her bed well enough to stay in it whenever she's in the house, but she refuses to share it with Stella who thinks it was bought for her, thank you very much.  

So this is where we stand.  Life already revolves around Baby Graysen (and always will if we have anything to do with it!).

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