Friday, February 22, 2013

Nursery Pictures

I really meant to do these earlier, but we were just getting hints of what was happening and just a few pictures the last month.

Emily and Ryan have done a fantastic job on this room, and I could just sit there all day surrounded by soothing colors and lots of little personal touches.  I know Graysen is going to spend many happy hours here.

Ryan's parents painted the nursery last fall when they were here for a visit, so the color was known early.  At first, the room was going to be aqua, gray, and yellow to be suitable for a boy or girl.  Once a girl was confirmed, the colors changed a little.  Coral crept in and then pink.

Overall it is just a beautiful happy room.

I took pictures the first night we were here before they got home from the hospital, and then when I downloaded Mike's pictures, I noticed that he had taken captured a lot of the details, so there may be some overlaps.

Just want Graysen to see this one day and know what love went into the creation of this room in anticipation of her birth.

The crib is the Hudson by Babyletto.  I think it fits the room perfectly.  The bumper pad, skirt, and quilt are Harper from Pottery Barn Kids.  This was in the yellow phase and was a shower gift.  Another color choice here was gray, but I think it needs this little touch of yellow.

I believe this is going to eventually go over the crib.  So cute.  Double click to see hearts in Georgia and South Dakota and then one in Washington.  From OneKingsLane, I believe.
The reading and eating area.  I'm not sure the name of this glider, but it is oh so comfortable.

This was an amazing project to me.  It was a joint effort.  Ryan did the branches and wires and balancing, and Emily cut out and sewed the birds.  I think they both stuffed them and picked out the colors. 

This is the unfinished area, the area above the dresser.  Hopefully that will be done before we leave - just hanging 2 more shelves and putting up some pictures.  The dresser is the Hemnes from Ikea,  and they added the aqua knobs. 
This is where they want to put personal touches, pictures, mementoes.  The shoes are Ryan's, and I think I can find Emily's in the attic.  Both sets of grandparents' and the parents' wedding pictures. 

Great-grandmama's Eleanor's rocking chair with a couple of pillows I made and a precious crocheted blanket made by Ryan's grandmother.
An Ikea bookshelf between two of the windows just filled with stuffed toys, books, and special things.
Uncle Fuddy-Dubby on the top shelf along with the UNC ram which Emily has had about 15 years.
Some Little Golden Books from her grandfather and great-uncle Alan's collection.  I made this Amiguru bunny years ago.  Glad I made the sweater pink!
I love this light.
The changing area, the busiest place in the house lately.  Emily made the mobile herself.  It's amazing, just paper, fishing line (?), and beads.  Ryan put a light with a motion sensor under the shelf, great idea. 

This just came,  Emily had been wanting it for months but decided it was too much of a luxury, so Ryan ordered it to surprise her.  So sweet of him.
Just a little peek into her closet.  It needs a little organizing since she hasn't gotten big enough to need these.  Most of her clothes are gowns and onesies in the dresser drawers.
She got so many wonderful gifts.  Can't wait to see her in her little outfits.  Heirloom dresses sharing the same space with her designer ensembles.!

                    One of Emily's smocked dresses made by Great-Grandmama Ray.

And that is Graysen's beautiful room.  For a beautiful little girl.


  1. I know you are having such a good time! Thanks for all of the pictures!

  2. The pictures are great. I love the nursery. So much thought and planning. What a wonderful place for quiet time with Graysen. What a sweetie!!!

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  4. Thanks. My memory for my own children's babyhood is so bad; I'm hoping this will be something Graysen will enjoy seeing one day. Wonder if Google Blog will even be in existence in a few years.

  5. Beautiful room for our beautiful girl. Hope Graysen will always appreciate her unique and innovative parents.