Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happiest Baby on the Block Goes to Town

Better title would be "baby picture overload".

I'm not sure what good all this baby soothing knowledge is going to do me after this week, but it sure is interesting.

Emily had been reading the book, Happiest Baby on the Block before Graysen was born, and she and Ryan had learned how to swaddle.  We had been trying different things - swaddling, jiggling, shushing, pacifier - but they settled down to look at the video last night and got serious about how to calm a crier.  Graysen is more of a fusser than a crier, but she can get wound up, especially in the middle of the night.

I woke up this morning with the (kinda) sunlight shining through the blinds and realized I had not heard a peep from anyone all night.  It was eerily quiet through the whole house.  I'm not sure when they went to bed, but the baby slept from then until 5:00 when they woke her up to eat.  She stayed up and happy awhile and then slept 2 more hours,  It's not like she's unhappy with any of it; it's all geared around just calming the baby and getting them to settle themselves.  It's good for new babies, but it looks like some of the ideas can be carried on for months (years?)

It's nearly 4:00, and I've only taken 15 pictures on Graysen's 1-week birthday. Here are some pretty ones of mom and baby. We do a lot of things during the day to keep Graysen awake, or she would just sleep most of the time

We've now been to town twice.  Snoqualmie is a tiny town, and the business section is just about 3 blocks from Em and Ryan's neighborhood.  This morning, Emily and I strolled Graysen to the grocery store, with Griff, of course, but yesterday was our big outing.

Destination:  Starbucks.

I'd love to see this every time I walked down my street.

 Lots and lots of lavender growning everywhere.

Spring is pretty far away up here, but we did see these crocuses blooming in one of the community garden plots around the corner from Em and Ryan's house.  We didn't recognize all the things planted - maybe kale and rhubarb?


And - just because I had a nice photo session with Baby G yesterday.  After Monday, I won't have this many pictures, but I'm sure going to bug people until I get a few a day!

First bath: 

So, 1 week old and 1000 photos!

It's been so wonderful to just go from moment to moment, enjoying every minute of this precious life.  Knowing our time is limited makes it bittersweet and that much more important to record it all. 

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