Monday, February 4, 2013


Can't believe it's actually February.

That month of January was just not great.  Same old, same old.  But springlike weather instead of cold.

We're down to days and hours for the arrival of baby girl.  Back in May when we knew there were 9 months ahead of us, it seemed like so long.  And part of it has been long.  Getting past one goal and then trying to reach another one and not quite believing it - until it just seems that overnight we've heard the words "full term" and know that this baby could be here - well tonight really.

And here they are:

When this picture was made, there were 6 more days until the due date, and now there are only 3.  The doctor doesn't seem excited - Emily and Ryan don't seem anxious, just busy, busy getting the nursery ready.  I'm excited in a way, but there are lots of things standing in the way of my getting to meet Graysen - which we think is the official spelling of her name.  Graysen Elizabeth.  They'll have to meet her first to know what she'll be called, but she already has a G on her door, and I have a monogrammed dress on the way.  It's real now!

First we have to pack and make arrangements to leave Mama for 2 weeks and get to Atlanta, and then Mike has to get me on a plane and keep me distracted for 5 hours.

We have our plans pretty well firmed up, and it should be easy to get it done before Friday.  I don't want the baby to be too late because of using our trip time sitting around looking at each other, but I would like her to wait until we're on the way.  Let's see how she cooperates.

I've failed at getting Emily or Ryan interested in a blog, but I do want them to remember more than I do about having a little person around - all the things they do and say and how you felt at the time - so I'll try to get them to send me a lot of pictures and videos and tell me things that happen and write it here.  Heaven knows I have nothing else to write lately.

I am doing a little bit of last-minute sewing - a shadow-stitched pillow for the rocking chair - and I still have more viking hats to make, a fox hat, and maybe an owl one.  Pictures tomorrow.

Other than that, I have suitcases open and am filling them up fast and trying to guess what we'll need.

Ryan and Emily have worked so hard on getting the nursery ready, and I'll try to gather up all the pictures they've sent since Thanksgiving.  Ryan has been building and putting things together and painting.  Emily has been sewing birds for a mobile and hanging paper circles for another mobile.  This is in addition to working and getting all the necessary equipment together and washing all the clothes.  Organizing the little things in drawers bores Emily, so she's promised to let me help with that.  Here are a couple of pictures she sent today.

The boys are getting ready for their new sister.  Griff is easy to see, but Jack thinks he's invisible.

This is the view from the glider/dresser area to the changing table wall.  There is a  little more that needs to be done, but I'm so impressed by that mobile.  Well, all of it.  They did a great job.  Can't wait to see it in person.

I've been promised more pictures tomorrow when they get more things hung.  I'll maybe go stitch a little or maybe sleep.

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