Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Whisperer

As taken as Emily and Ryan are about the Sleep Sheep, Mike and I are fascinated by the art of baby whispering or shushing or whatever it is that calms babies down.  We watched a video about it, and I got a chance to see it in action this morning.  I had the duty of keeping her happy while Emily and Ryan got ready for Graysen's doctor's visit.  We chatted for 30 minutes or so, and she was just a sweetheart.  I forget how early or for what reason babies smile, but she is a constant smiler.  I could coax a smile with just about everything I said or did, sometimes a one-sided one, sometimes a smug little smile, and other times a full open-mouth smile.  But all things have to come to an end, and she got fussy after getting her diaper changed.  I walked and rocked in the glider and tried to interest her in various things but nothing doing.  She just kept getting more and more worked up.  So I wrapped her pretty tightly and started the shushing noise right at her ear.  She yelled a few more times and then whimpered, and then finally got a faraway look in her eyes and did just like the video - completely stopped crying and relaxed.  I couldn't believe it.  I know it may not work the next time, but it was a great feeling. 

Graysen's doctor's visit went well.  She had not lost any weight and does not have jaundice, which was a small concern when she left the hospital.  The pediatrician wants them to try to get her on more of a schedule so she is stimulated more during the day and sleeping more at night.  It's hard to not want to rock and cuddle with her all the time, because she is an excellent cuddler and day sleeper, but we worked on it, and we'll see how it goes tonight.

Ryan smoked pork and brisket all day, and we had the most wonderful dinner along with a couple of salads and lemon pie.  Karen came and ate with us, and she and Emily and Graysen sound like they're having a great time in the nursery.

I'm getting so far behind on posting pictures.  I feel so guilty for the family members who might be expecting them.  I'll wait on all the nursery pictures and post some newer Gracie pictures.  For some reason, time just flies even with 4 people at this little girl's beck and call.

Here they are in no certain order and probably some duplicates. 

Getting ready to come home.



Griff greeting his new sister.

Jack ignoring his new sister.

Going to the grocery store.  Notice the lamb hanging there for reassurance, but it wasn't needed.

Just a bunch of pictures.

 Something here doesnt belong.  He was here first, he's thinking.

 Two sweet friends came by for a visit.  Anne
 And Victoria.  Her daughter Sami, who is Graysen's future babysitter, was exposed to the chicken pox and had to only greet Graysen through the glass door. 



Emily's footprints on the left and Graysen's on the right.

That should catch us up for the day anyway.  It's just too tempting to take a picture every time she looks cute - which is 100% of the time.  It's going to be so hard to leave her next week. 


  1. Love every picture of her. You will have to teach me the "whispering" technique to use when I get to come to Washington. Enjoy each day!!!

  2. She is just so beautiful. You all must be having a wonderful time with her. Enjoy ever single minute with them. Wish I could she them too, Give Graysen a big kiss for us.