Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ready to Fly

Physically, anyway.  I got new rolling luggage today.  Always, I've just carried a shoulder bag, hanging-up bag, and numerous peripheral sewing and equipment bags for car trips.  Just a mess.  Now I have to hide everything away and not struggle through the airport looking like pack mule.  I believe these will do.

Are they too grape-y?  I originally was going to get just a small carry-on, but the prices at Belk were so good that Mike talked me into getting a larger one also.  I could have gotten any number of colors and was deciding between gray and teal, but I kept liking this color.  Mike loved clicking the big one down the center aisle of Belk (to find a cashier), pretending he was off on one of his important trips.  He had a noticeable swagger as he presented the clerk with my 20% off coupon in the baby department.

The flu shot and the Tdap were painless and didn't even get me any sympathy.  Mike got the Tdap but had already had the flu, pneumonia, and shingles vaccines.  Some people like to be prepared.  I've gone all these years without being sick, so I'd better not get anything now with all this prevention.

So, things are being crossed off, but the list is long.  My daily job was cleaning the ceiling fan in the bedroom.  A taller person than me got that job.  I like to be able to delegate most some jobs.  I got the bedroom cleaned last night before I went to bed and worked about 15 minutes on the sewing room.

This has possibilities for better use.  An empty container is just too exciting not to find something to put in it and label it.

Going to the church to sew turbans tomorrow.  That's always fun.

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