Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Chaos

Things looks calm around here.

But it's deceiving.

I went out for the whole morning, and while that was productive, it was the end of any production around the house.

I can check one more thing off my list now, and that's a bag to carry my laptop in when I fly.

ARGGHH.  I hate to say those words.  I hope one day they'll be casual - when I fly.  But right now it just makes me anxious.  I thought buying a new carry on suitcase would help, but I haven't gotten that yet.  But I do have this Target perfectly adequate bag.  It's not easy finding something to fit a 17-inch computer, but I think I have room for a few needlework projects in there too.  And extra Xanax.

I found a half price plus 20% off sale at Belk today when I was looking for something practical -

and got Baby Girl something to wear next Christmas.

What?  She needs it.  It was nearly free!  And everyone need red shoes at some point.

Housecleaning job today is to clean the bedroom and take anything that doesn't belong there into the proper room.  The deadline approaches, and while I work (in one end of the bedroom), I'm seeing this.

A pattern box and various needlework magazines scattered over the bed, a tape measure on the table, and brain dump from last night, not to mention one load of clothes to fold and another in the dryer.

This doesn't even include my work area.  I guess it's possible when I get off work to accomplish that.

Tomorrow I get shots, and I may want to drum up some sympathy, so I might not do my daily job.

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  1. Ha, you were productive for next year's Christmas outfit! Did daddy see that? Ha.
    Clean your room!
    Be brave about flying! And getting shots! ...I have to get the Tdap and flu shots next weekend too. Boo...