Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Saturday

If I expected today to be productive or interesting or anything, I was kind of wrong.  It was just a nothing day.

I did start the day off with 2 nice conversations with Emily on the phone and one long email from Elise regretting not have gotten on the Les Miserable bandwagon back in the 90s.  I gave her our CDs after she saw the movie, and she's played it every chance she gets.  We have another fan in the family.

I sorted some files on my laptop and answered some emails and worked an hour but without any enthusiasm.  There was not even a good bowl game to interest me.

My organizing email this morning (no weekends off) was to work on the "problem area" and get tax paperwork organized, including setting up files for next year's taxes.  Mike arrogantly said that he was perfectly organized and frankly just perfect with all things tax related and needed no revamping of his way.  So - off the hook again.  Surely Sunday's job won't be too hard.  The hardest thing today was listening to him being self-righteous.

No more organizing of the sewing room today, but I did decide to pick up two neglected projects and work on them.

I finished the little blue OFB daygown some time ago except for the 5 little buttons on the back.  I found 3 pearl buttons small enough for those buttonholes, but I'm going to have to make a trip to Beth's Heirlooms in Wetumpka to match them - what luck!

I can tell this is going to be Ryan's very favorite thing to dress the baby in with those minuscule buttons.

The yellow is the smocked panel I had hopes of putting into a receiving blanket.  The baby is going to be received in about a month, so I figured it was about time to finish it.  Gathering and basting this ruffle is fiddly work, but I think it will be pretty and just like I imagined when I'm finished.  Sure hope so anyway.

I bought Darby a new bed yesterday.  She didn't ask for it and she hates it.  I don't like her having the run of the house when she's inside and have seen pictures of dogs lying nicely on their beds in the house.  How hard could it be to teach her to stay in her bed?

Just about impossible.

I talked it up and got her all excited, and she was properly appreciative - at first.  But when she stepped into the bed, she jumped like she had been shocked and refused to stay in it.  No way on earth was she going to lie down in it.  Even with her puppy and her bone.  Nothing doing.

Even with Stella showing her approval.

We figured Stella would try to take it over like she does Darby's other bed, but even she hates it.

She licked her lips, drooled, trembled, looked pitiful and refused to bend her legs.  We finally yelled at her, and she hates that but refused to go near it.   So she has been sleeping in the sun room or outside.

Today I tried it again and got her to lie down with a little bribery.  Peanut butter on the chew bone.  She's there but still hating it.  She stayed maybe 30 minutes and then jumped out.  She seemed happy enough to go to the sun room to finish her nap.

NOT a happy puppy.

So I don't know.  It's probably a losing battle, and now I can't take it back because of the peanut butter on it.  We think it's probably a nicer bed than any in the house, all fleecy and soft and warm.

Rain tonight maybe and a nice not-so-cold Sunday tomorrow.


  1. Maybe the bed smells all nice and new and that just stinks for a dog? If she was a cat I´d put catnip on it but don´t know if there´s something similar for dogs? An old shirt from one of you maybe?

  2. That's a good idea, and we thought of something like that. Maybe it needs some garbage in it! I did put a towel there in case it's the fleece feel that bothers her, but I think it's how it seems maybe unsteady, softer and bouncier than her old flat bed or the carpet. She also might be suspicious that it's the start of something she dislikes, like brushing or a bath (all that fake sweetness from me!)

  3. Have you tried just the big pillows instead of a bed? Our puppy loved her bed (which was in her crate in front of the window) but hated the pillow and would not lay on the pillow.