Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday - the Usual

Always fun to look forward to Fridays and the possible trip to Wal-Mart.  If I'm smart, I will take the hour Mama is in the beauty shop to run errands or go somewhere I like, but I didn't do that today.  The day was beautiful but really cold, but she needed lots of things and had not been on her usual Wal-Mart once-around in weeks.

I grabbed a lot of groceries while she was shopping and got Darby a dog bed, hoping we can contain her there instead of shedding on the carpet.  Naturally she hates the feel of it.  I guess it's the softness or the fleece - or the lack of garbage smell.  Whatever.  She will try to obey and go jump in it, but it's almost if she's repulsed by it - she jumps out so quickly.

My errand for today was to clean my closet.  Really.  I was spoiled into thinking it was going to be a doable job every day.  I did stand in the door and put up a pair of shoes, but that was the extent of it.  My wardrobe of T-shirts need to be color coordinated, but other than that, my 6 or 8 pairs of shoes are lined up nicely, and the dirty clothes basket is empty.  Some time ago I took out everything not clothes related, so I'm good there.  Throw me another job.

Like yesterday's.  Took me all of 15 minutes.  Mainly because we were out of food.  Mama has to have her shelf or 2 where she can reach things, and Mike has his treasures hidden in the bottom crisper, so it was just a matter of wiping the shelves and throwing away the old mushrooms and moving things around.  Throwing the clementine box out gained a whole lot of space!

After buying some groceries today, though, it doesn't look quite like this.  But there is the addition of this, which Mike made while I was yet again working on the sewing room.  Excellent baked spaghetti!

The good thing about digging around in the sewing room is finding lost things, but there is a problem.

This little useless bib appeared, bought on some occasion years ago when I thought I might need a baby gift.

 The wheels start turning though, and I think about what I can embroider on it, so my granddaughter can wear it maybe once or twice.

Then there is this.  Embroidered as a test.  So soft and sweet and a good design.

I've never had a use for it until today - when my mind registered on this fabric I folded earlier.  Yellow baby chicks.  Yellow baby chick duck.  Made for each other.  Future baby needs another bib, I think.

I also found these started but not finished things that I may or not work on.  Seems they were difficult to maneuver a needle into that little space.

Looks like good busy work for a plane trip - if I'm not too sedated to hold a needle.

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