Saturday, January 12, 2013


I typed this last night, but it didn't appear.  This will have to do for today also.  I did get some sewing done this afternoon and then worked some extra.  Church this morning, and there's my day.

One ending is probably going to be my trying to write something every day.  I like the idea, but there really is not much to mention.  I've run out of things to take pictures of around the house.  Maybe I should get out more.

I'm sure I will have plenty of pictures starting next month - as many as the new parents will send me - and I have no shame.  I've tried to get Emily and Ryan to do a blog to document all these precious days, but they don't have time, so I'll do my share of posting pictures and anything interesting I can find out.

Barbara and I are losing our quilting shop in Montgomery.  Kudzu Blossom is closing.  I'm sorry for that.  I didn't go there much just because I'm a slow quilter and a dabbler in many other hobbies, but it is a beautiful little place, and there is always some inspiration to whet your appetite for starting something new.  In fact, I met Barbara in one of the classes in the back room, and any time she's in town she calls me, and we try to get over there and have lunch.  Neither one of us needs one thing from there, but we'll surely buy something, especially if the prices are good and if it's not too crowded Thursday morning. 

I wish someone would tell me how to enlarge my view on this laptop.  I can't seem to find a zoom, and it accidentally keeps getting smaller and smaller. Sorry if I misspell words - I'm leaning over so close to the screen.   It's funny how I"m constantly hitting the right combination of buttons/mouse to change the size, but I can't do it on purpose.

Oh, the last ending is my working relationship with my friend Rita.  We've spent a lot of years doing medical transcription, and it kind of makes me sad, although she's been unhappy for a couple of years and has been threatening to leave.  She's younger than I am, so she's not content to just ride out a job that used to be so good and now is just not.

We started in 1995 at a little place called Transquick near Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta.  I drove 90 minutes from Thomaston, and she drove from Carrollton.  We had 2 weeks training and were on our own - so scary.  But so challenging and so fun.  We could make a lot of money back then.  We worked hard, but we became close to our fellow workers.  Rita was not in the same "bay" or cubicle as me, but I would hear her contagious laughter from across the room, and it made me happy.

We worked from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and there's something about working in the middle of the night that brings people together,   Lots of coffee and popcorn and Waffle House food brought from next door.  Lots of laughter and some tears.  I'm not sure how we did it.

I went home to work a little bit before Rita did, but we kept in touch.  We eventually changed companies, crossed paths once more, and then 6 years ago we started working for the former OSi.  It got swallowed up by this giant company, and it's not a good situation.  We've enjoyed fussing and fuming about work-related things and crying on each other's shoulders.  I'm glad she's getting out and getting an opportunity to use her people skills where they'll be appreciated.  We'll still be friends though, thanks to email and IM.  I'm sure she'll love the latest work tales and thank her lucky stars she's not still there.

Well, this is boring without pictures (or even with), but it's things I'll want to remember one day.  I do have a picture of one of Rita's goats on this blog.  I believe its standing on her dishwasher door. 


  1. You'll never quit-endings are not in you!

  2. Hi. Thanks for the confidence! Hopefully get to plod on awhile longer.