Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Small Accomplishments

I came to the computer to start my grocery list for tomorrow and ended up 2 hours later writing this - with no grocery list in sight.

I tried to remember how I ended up getting so sidetracked but can't even remember that. I went to the kitchen for something and saw the dishwasher needed to be emptied, and then the mail came. I mentioned again about how nice it would be to hang the grocery bags in the garage near the car so I wouldn't forget them as much.

This is where they usually stay - in this overcrowded section by the garage door.

Now with one simple hook, they are neatly out of the way and able to be seen from the car if I forget to take them.

We've done so many things - or Mike has since he's been home. Mama now has a bird bath and bird feeder in front of her window and loves them. The back yard beds are all cleaned out and ready for spring flowers. All the cabinets in the kitchen open and close smoothly, and the scuff marks have been touched up. And we still find time for reading, watching movies and sewing(me)and computer time.

I completely finished a project this morning, sewing the last of the binding on. Now to put it somewhere where I can find it next Christmas.

We (I) want to plant a tree right outside the kitchen window but aren't sure what kind. I want a star magnolia. I've loved them ever since we had one in Thomaston, but I hardly ever see them.

It seems perfect for blocking the kitchen-window-to-kitchen-window view of our neighbor's house. Except in the winter time when it's bare, but there's something comforting about looking out your window in cold or rainy weather and seeing the lights on across your yards.

Speaking of reading, Emily mentioned that she couldn't read a book I recommended until she read her 100 Best Novels. I asked for the list, and she said to Google it. Cheeky child. I did, and there are many lists, but I found one I like and will try to get a few of those in. (Nothing like tailoring your list to suit you!) I like Radcliffe's 100 Best Novels List. It looks like I've read a lot of them, but I'll see if I can't reread them. Most are probably free on Kindle. Ulysses will go to the bottom of the list. It's on every list I see, and I can never understand why. I've tried too many times to read it.

My mind is too full of things I want to do and not enough time to do them. I'm also hearing hints of a trip to Washington in a couple of months. Fingers crossed it will work out soon.

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