Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just another Day

Nothing interesting happened, and I couldn't even find anything interesting that other people did to fill this space.

I did go to our Turban Ministry at church where 6 of us ran in circles in a tiny room trying to remember where we left off before Christmas. The button sewer-ons and the puckerers finally settled in, and the 2 of us at the machines gave it a try. I'm not sure there was much accomplished, but there was a lot of conversation and fun. We'll do better next month.

I managed to save a good bit of money on groceries, making myself go into CVS and Dollar General where I got detergent for $2 a bottle (28 loads - it was supposed to be $1 but I didn't want to stay there arguing) and lots of paper towels, toilet paper and shampoo for very little and still have a $10 store credit at CVS. Publix didn't have many exciting things, but as long as I can get Alpo for $.32 a can (instead of $.78 and on-sale Fancy Feast), I'll enjoy it. I believe I saved $30 on a $100 trip without even concentrating hard.

Mike is attacking our cabinet doors and painting some worn edges plus replacing some broken hinges, so he was busy while I was gone.

This afternoon it was nice to play my senior citizen card and take a nap before working. The checkout boy at Publix didn't automatically give me my senior discount at Publix, and I had to ask for it. Nice boy.

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