Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Carrying On

It seems like weeks ago that I wrote about losing Maddy, but it was only yesterday, and there are so many reminders that make me just catch my breath.

I halfway complained about what a tremendous appetite she had the last 6 months or so and still weighed only about 5 pounds, if that. I was buying Fancy Feast Seafood Classic in boxes of 24, and they would be gone in a week. Of course Stella helped her eat it, but it was mainly Maddy's favorite. It was strange not going to the catfood section at Publix today.

I walk through the living room and look for her in one of her favorite places - on the table by the front window so she could have a view of the neighborhood or on the dining room table so she could catch whoever walked by and ask for another bowl of food.

I loved the way she would run in front of me when I picked up the paper and mail with her little bow-legged trot and then roll on the driveway for me to pet her.

It will get better as the days go by, I'm sure.

On a brighter note, a picture of the sky as we drove back home last week.

I think the balmy weather is over for awhile. I kept hearing the words "bitter cold" in the weather report today. Strange times. Emily said that Ryan's folks in South Dakota have never gone this long without snow. I know when she lived there, it would start snowing in October and not let up until February.

My winter mantlescape. It was complicated to do. Find some dried things in Michaels and stuff them in a vase and then vacuum up all the mess it made on the floor.

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