Thursday, August 5, 2010

August IS Better

I'm just saying that. The only thing different is my optimism.

The heat is there - and worse, if possible. Heat, humidity, and very little rain. And to top it off, I've had to go out - out of the comfort of air conditioning and pajama-like clothes - every morning this week. Every single morning.

Monday was the dentist. While it was cool in the office and the company pleasant, there are many places I would choose over that. While I still have insurance, we decided to put crowns on a few back molars to try to carry me another 25 years. Now that's optimism! There's no pain or discomfort, just that SOUND and mess and looking at the clock and seeing the time pass that I had rather use otherwise.

Then it was to Belk for Mama to take back the shirts she got last week that didn't work. Also a cool place, but by the time I load the walker into the car twice and take it out twice,I'm starting to feel sweaty and disheveled. It's a pleasure to get home, get a glass of tea, and start to work.

Tuesday was Mama's medication refill day. Wal-Mart. Mike and I have mentioned trying to steer her to a smaller pharmacy, but that's her comfort zone, and she does like that 30 minutes of "looking around." If we go at the right time, it's not bad at all, and the pharmacy people at the Chantilly Wal-Mart are very sweet and helpful. Taking a cue from Kathy and Alan, I rewarded myself with a Subway veggie pizza on the way out. Completely worth wandering around 30 minutes in Wal-Mart. Mama got a ham and cheese sub and acted offended at everything the girl asked her. No lettuce, no tomatoes, no onions, no pickles, no olives. Just ham and cheese and a little mayonnaise. That's it.

Wednesday was grocery day at Publix. That's the only place I concentrate on coupons lately because the drug stores are a little stressful to shop in. I remembered to take my shopping bags with the clips on them for coupons and matched up the coupon and the item as I put them in.

Early on Senior Day is ideal. No one runs over me, and I can stand in the aisle and sift through 50 coupons for that $1 off on Clorox wipes. The penny item that day was a full-sized Publix pizza. This is my lucky week. I'm not sure how it will taste, but it looks good.

I spent $56 and saved $32.

Some of that was food and school supplies for the collection boxes at church.

Today is Mama's doctor's appointment - all the way across town at Baptist South. At least we get free valet parking with the handicapped sign. She kind of enjoys going to the doctor, and I'll get to do a little needlework while I wait if get my act together and organize something to take with me.

Tomorrow is Mama's beauty shop day, and I'll probably get a haircut myself and then try to go to some combination of CVS/Walgreen/Rite-aid. There are a few free things that are hard to turn down.

I can't believe Saturday is totally free!

Other people have done things that I will try to mention tomorrow, but this was my selfish complaining post, and I don't want to mess that up.

Oh, while I'm fussing, what's the deal with my freezer? This is where the ice comes out of the ice maker and goes into the door dispenser.

It did this last week to a lesser extent, and I took everything out and transferred to the other freezer while I let this one completely thaw, thinking there was a stopped-up drain somewhere. Once it was all melted and no drains were stopped up, I turned it back on, and it took maybe 2 days to do this. If I type refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, iced over, maybe someone somewhere will do a Google search and find this and tell me what to to. Otherwise, I guess I'll have to get a repairman. This ice maker has always been over-ambitious, making ice until it starts to run over. I have to remember to turn it off or empty it once a week, or it will start spilling out.

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