Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nice Saturday

I like it when things work out, and I get get some things done, and this happened nicely Saturday morning even if I did have to do a little back-tracking.

This was my first stop. The recycling place.

When I used to go to the quilt shop for my First Saturday block last winter, I would see cars and trucks lined up at a school and finally figured they were waiting for the big recycling trucks to haul off their appliances and limbs and construction trash. They're just there the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, and it happened to work out this time that I was going by there on the 3rd Saturday, so I grabbed the old dead VCR and small TV taking up room in the guest room closet. I got in line, and amazingly at 9:00 sharp the big trucks drove up and starting uploading. I felt a little out of place not having to back up and cause a lot of yelling and noise to get rid of my stuff, but it was quick, and now I'll know how to do it if I have anything else.

It was too early for the quilt shop, and I had a package to mail, so I searched for a post office on the GPS. It turned out the nearest one was my usual one, so I backtracked and got that mailed. No lines, no people at all. I was going to use the machine in the lobby since it was a flat-rate box, but it was nice to talk to the ladies behind the counter. I always have questions for them, and they had time to explain things nicely.

CVS was right around the corner, so I took my little envelope of coupons in to see if there were any free things I had missed this week, but they were out of everything I was looking for. Quickly in, quickly out.

I met Barbara at Kudzu Blossom where she already had her list ready and was stacking up her fabrics to be cut. The ladies all had their Santa hats on, and there was Chrismas music playing. I had sense enough not to be tempted by any of the big quilt kits since I have a couple of small ones from the past years that I haven't made. But I did get a couple of pillowcase kits and some neat snowman fabric and a beautiful striped piece. I always have to get some charm squares, and these are really nice Chrismas ones. If I'm going to make anything, it will be from these little squares.

We met Judy at a Mexican restaurant nearby and had a lot of enchiladas and fun conversation. Oh, Barbara and I did make a quick 15-minute trip to Hancock Fabrics before lunch, but I didn't buy anything there.

After lunch, our caravan headed to East Chase to JoAnn Fabrics. I had a lot of coupons that expired that day, so I got a couple of things I had been waiting to get 40% and 50% off. I ended up giving one coupon to someone else in line and saved her about $10.

It was a nice day, but spending money makes me tired, and I came home and slept for 2 hours before I had to work. Then the power went off, so I talked to Elise awhile and then Mike who was getting on the ferry with Ryan and Emily somewhere west of Seattle. I could never find it on my Google map. They're having a great time. I want to be there too, and maybe I will soon.

So - fun Saturday that ended with LOTS of rain finally, lightning, wind, and thunder, just like I like it. There may be more coming this afternoon too.

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  1. Sounds like a great day!! Cute fabrics too.