Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Midsummer Blahs

I wish I could appreciate summer more. The only thing good about it for me is not being cold.

I'm thankful for a house that's as cool as it can be with an 87-year old living here who will be huddled under blankets if the temperature drops below 80.

I'm glad for the few days Mike was able to spend here and in Andalusia. He worked miracles on my flower beds, and they will be fun to play in when the weather gets cooler. He changed air conditioner filters and lots of light bulbs and caulked and suffered pyracantha injuries and aggravated Darby and the cats (picked them up and carried them around) until they started to run when they heard him coming.

The dinner at Billy O'Reilly O'Grady's with Roy, Kathy, and Alan was fun. Excellent chicken wraps and burgers and fries. It's really Beef 'O'Brady's. I can't quite figure out why 2 apostrophes. But the food was good, and it was either that or the Dairy Queen on July 5 in Andalusia. There was a pretty flag display in front of City Hall, our old E. Three Notch School.

We stopped by the Lake House and saw Debby and Tom and admired all the work he's done. It's a beautiful place. Debby has made a lot of progress after knee surgery, but it will take a little more time to get back to normal.

I'll try to keep up better with what's happening, if anything. I've decided all the wallpaper in the this house has to go, so I'll try to take some pictures of that mess - and hopefully improvement. I wish I knew how to cut moldings and miter. The For Sale sign is coming down today, and we'll just kind of see what happens this year. It's a nice house, and I'm happy enough here.

More later. Time to work.


  1. So glad Mr. Mike was able to come down for a visit. I know you wish he could stay longer. Hope ya'll have a great week! :-)

  2. Thanks, Lydia. He's already back in Texas by now, being thankful for no yard work being "suggested" to him.